Messi and his family escaped a robbery at his hotel in Paris..Details

Masked thieves stole thousands of pounds worth of jewelry and other sums of money from the hotel in Paris, where the famous soccer player Lionel Messi lives, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

According to the newspaper, the theft took place a very short distance from the suite where Messi is staying with his family at the famous “Le Royal Monceau” hotel, as the thieves entered through a balcony door open to the ground above the 17,000-pound Paris Saint-Germain star’s hotel suite. At night.

Thieves broke into 4 rooms during the robbery, and it is said that they stole thousands of cash and many valuable jewelry from the 4 rooms, while Messi and his family escaped the robbery, whose suite is a short distance from the stolen rooms, and this comes as Messi appeared weeks ago from The luxury hotel room waves to the masses with affection.

And the “Daily Mail” reported that the armed robbery was carried out on Wednesday of last week, as Paris Saint-Germain played a match outside its home in Metz in northeastern France, but Messi did not accompany his team’s mission and stayed in the hotel for suffering a knee injury.

The newspaper pointed out that cameras installed in the hotel showed two masked men making their way through an open balcony door on the sixth floor, only one level higher than Messi’s residence.

The hotel where Messi and his family stay in Paris

A guest at the hotel said that she left her room the night he was robbed, and when she returned the next morning, she discovered the disappearance of a gold necklace worth 3000 pounds, earrings worth 500 pounds, and 2000 pounds in cash, and added, “When you pay a large amount to spend time in a wonderful place And safe, and then you see someone walking into your room, it’s very annoying.”

It is worth noting that the hotel had strengthened its security measures after Messi decided to stay in it after joining Paris Saint-Germain last August.

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