6 basic things women reject in intimate relationships

Both men and women view sex differently. Women tend to have sexual relations because of their emotions and their love for the man they married with. The more glowing feelings of love are, the more they will turn to sexual relations, and specialists have explained this based on the nature of their composition that is headed by passion and above all.

In contrast to the man who looks at the relationship in another way, the stimuli of desire for both are completely different, so the man must understand the woman’s affection, respect her in order to reach together for a successful sexual relationship, and identify what she rejects in the relationship.

There are 6 things that a woman refuses to do in a sexual relationship, and they are:

Neglecting a woman’s psyche when engaging in a relationship

It is very important for a man to understand the woman’s psyche and his awareness of the importance of choosing the right time for the relationship. The daughters of Eve are happy with it all.

Starting a relationship without flirting and pampering

Women prefer pampering and warm marital caresses to enter into the relationship without any psychological and sensory preparation for them, and scientists confirmed this in the mid-eighties, through American research on what women reject in the relationship, where the researchers asked a group of women if they preferred to include Husbands have love, warmth, and tenderness without the relationship reaching the stage of intercourse? The answer was yes 7 out of 10 women, and for the importance of the topic, another study was conducted in France, which confirmed the preference of women for pampering, pretension, and containment by husbands over entering into an intimate relationship without much preamble.

Treat it like a machine

So that the husband deals with her husband ignoring her feelings and what she desires, and what makes her happy, and without thinking about whether she will reach the end of the relationship to reach sexual pleasure or not, and this is what many women reject, and even makes the demand for marital relations specialists a lot in an attempt to reach the achievement of harmony and sensory rapprochement And myself and sexually between spouses.

The husband expresses his desire for the relationship verbally and roughly

This is due to the neglect of the emotional nature of women, as many husbands do this so that the husband becomes angry in expressing his need to practice the relationship and in a way that the wife is alienated from him and from her, as if it is a task that he wants to accomplish quickly, and this is one of the reasons for the failure of the intimate relationship between the spouses.

Routine and monotony

Many women suffer from the way their husbands have sex with them, and their refusal to renew, so that many of them expect the actions of their husbands in the relationship, which many wives reject because satisfying passion and reaching maximum happiness in the relationship is a legitimate right for them as is the case for their husbands as well.

Not expressing feelings

If the husband does not express his feelings to his wife during the relationship, the intimate relationship loses its spirit and influence. Expressing feelings greatly improves the performance of the relationship, so that the end is satisfactory for everyone, so do not be stingy. in the end.

Therefore, all scientific studies have tried to clarify the woman’s view of the sexual relationship and to help the man understand her emotional feminine nature, to overcome any obstacles that prevent the success of the relationship between them, and to avoid any future problems due to the failure in the sexual relationship.

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