10 Places Your Man Wants You To Touch *Him* During Sex!

Women wonder about the sensitive areas of a man that arouse his desire to focus on them in an intimate relationship, and contrary to what is common and known, a man has many areas of excitement that arouse him, and it does not depend only on petting the penis and its surroundings, come with “Supermama” to learn about the most important areas of excitement The man that reaches the point of madness in bed.

Sensitive areas of a man that arouse his lust

An intimate relationship should be enjoyable for both men and women, and in order for you to be able to enjoy your husband from the first foreplay until penetration, know these sensitive areas that arouse the man’s desire in bed:
Feeling a man with your nails and fingers gently gliding across the scalp arouses him in an unimaginable way. It is a movement that is very enough to send signals to the brain and cause a tremor in his body. It is also a powerful relaxing tool that gives the body warmth and paves the way for a wonderfully intimate relationship. The navel: one of the parts of the body that we ignore during foreplay, but its effect is strong for some men. Touching that area gently excites some types of men, try it once and watch your husband’s reaction.
The feet of men and women are very sensitive, so they may be exciting. A gentle massage in the belly of the feet of your husband and the fingers will certainly delight him, especially since there are certain points in the man that are directly related to the genitals, but they differ from one person to another, so next time gently caresses the feet to get to know the Point that affects your husband!
Did you know that the soles of the hands are full of nerve endings? Therefore, it is a great area to use to reach the man’s excitement, a light massage in them helps your husband to reach a state of relaxation and sexual arousal.
Back of the knee:
An erogenous zone is an area behind the knee, especially when your husband is coming back from running or the gym!
back of neck:
Stimulating the neck sends signals to the blood circulation and increases blood flow in all parts of the body, including certainly the genitals. Massage your husband to the back of the neck and neck during the foreplay phase. Lips: Definitely one of the areas that all couples love, especially when you surprise him with a long romantic French kiss.
The delicate tissue surrounding the testicles is full of nerve endings. If you focus on massaging them very gently, it will be very enjoyable for your husband, but do not over-massage so that he does not feel pain.
inner thigh:
It is true that the skin in this area is thick, but it is one of the most erotic areas for men. Press a little on it when massaging and you will notice your husband enjoying it.
Certainly, it is the area that provokes the most lust for men, make sure that your hands are soft when you massage it so as not to injure the thin skin that envelops it and make the husband feel pain, you can use the intimate lubricant in the stage of massage and foreplay in this area

The most attractive position for a man

Now that the foreplay phase is over and you reach the stage of penetration, you can complete the excitement of your husband to the point of madness by choosing some positions that the man loves more than others. Of course, it differs from one man to another, and you are the one who knows your husband the most, but there are agreed positions among most men that excite their lust more. from others:

The spoon position: in which your husband is behind you sleeping and caressing you from behind.
Doji mode: in which the husband is in control from behind while he is sitting on his knee and can caress your arousal areas and see the entry and exit of the penis, which is definitely something that provokes him.
The Knight Mode: It is the situation in which your husband sees the charms of your body and your entire movements, and what provokes him in this situation is the features of your face and body as he moves, so be attractive with your movements and words to him in this situation.

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