Karim Benzema, Mathieu Valbuena, and THAT sex tape embarrassment — read the shocking record that is got French football talking

Benzema Valbuena
Benzema and Valbuena in previous training with the French national team before they were excluded
Valbuena breaks his silence and talks about Benzema’s “blackmail”

Karim Benzema’s attorneys in the Matteo Valbuena blackmail case requested moment, Friday, the vindication of their customer, while roughly attacking his former coworker, whom they see as wanting to interlace him out of” covetousness.”

Lawyer Sylvain Cormier verified in statements published by the Spanish news agency that Valbuena is a” victim of his conduct”, because he’s the same person who mugged the controversial videotape in which they latterly tried to blackmail him.

The counsel verified that Valbuena may have committed a felonious act because the youthful woman with whom he was having an intimate relationship didn’t know that he was rephotographing her.

“No bone watched about that woman, not indeed the investigators,” said Cormier, who grounded his defense on Valbuena’s sporting covetousness that urged him to press charges against Benzema.
Cormier and another counsel, Antoine Faye, claimed that there was no physical substantiation of Benzema’s conspiracy in the attempt to blackmail Valbuena, and indicated that the blameworthiness aimed to interlace their customer because of his fame.

Faye questioned Valbuena’s account, as he said that he felt hovered during his dialogue with Benzema in Clairefontaine on October 6, 2015 during a camp for the French public platoon, a talk on the base of which numerous allegations were made against the Real Madrid striker.

According to the counsel, despite the fact that Valbuena was formerly in contact with the police at the time, he didn’t say anything to the investigators about this discussion.

“He did this a month and a half latterly, when the content of a phone discussion between Benzema and his friend Karim Zenati was blurted to the press, and during this phone call, which was addressed by the police, Benzema and his nonage friend-who demanded him to intermediate in the matter- mocked Valbuena.

This phone discussion is the alternate substantiation of the involvement of Benzema, for which the public prosecutor has demanded a 10-month suspended captivity judgment and a forfeiture of euros for the French striker.
“There’s no substantiation that Benzema was in contact with the other indicted, other than his friend, or that he knew their intentions regarding the videotape,”Fay said.

Cormier concentrated on his customer’s personality, saying that”he only entered 3 unheroic cards throughout his career, played for only two brigades, and continues to pay his levies in France”and concluded,”Why did he join this felonious gang?”.

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