“From obesity to anorexia, one step”

E. Malysheva: Hello, my dears! Today we will talk about where the fight against excess weight can lead.

E. Malysheva: Recently, baking soda has been increasingly popular as a means of losing weight. And today we will just talk about the properties of this product. About whether regular soda helps in the fight for a slim body. And today Doctor of Medical Sciences, nutritionist Dmitry Shubin will help us to figure it out.

D. Shubin: Many people think that losing weight on soda is a fairy tale. But in fact, everything is explained very simply – sodium bicarbonate contained in soda removes toxins from the body and promotes the breakdown of fats. It really helps in losing weight. But! Firstly, with soda, it is impossible to lose more than 4-5 kg ​​per month, and secondly, for this, you need to greatly change your eating habits, and indeed your lifestyle.

E. Malysheva: That is, baking soda, contrary to popular belief, is not the best way to fight obesity?

D. Shubin: Of course not. If you remember, not so long ago, a professor of dietetics, Evgeny Ivanovich Leviev, came to our show, with whom we talked about the means for losing weight Eco Slim.

E. Malysheva: Yes, but after this program, something unimaginable began. Unfortunately, some of the tips from our conversation were heavily abused by many TV viewers, which led to negative consequences.

D. Shubin: As far as I understand, we are talking about anorexia after taking Eco Slim.

E. Malysheva: Exactly! Usually, the cause of anorexia is diets that girls torment themselves within the hope of losing weight. But, as it turned out, this is not the only reason.
As you already know, a couple of months after our release about the Eco Slim fat burner, we began to receive complaints from overweight women who did not know what to do with their emaciated body now.

One of the photos of the girls who contacted us in the program after the release of Eco Slim

D. Shubin: Yes, the point is that Eco Slim is the most powerful natural fat burner that exists in dietetics at the moment. And no soda can compare with him, of course. If only because losing weight with Eco Slim does not require changing your lifestyle, and you can lose weight not by 4-5, but by 12-16 kg per month!

E. Malysheva: Exactly! But many women have neglected this feature of the drug. Taking Eco Slim, they decided that if they also go on a diet, the effect will be stronger. However, that is exactly what happened. As a result, women weighing 100-120 kg literally in 60 days turned into 30 kg, anorexic women! It is very sad to hear that they have turned such an effective remedy to their own detriment. But I would still like to understand what exactly gives such an effect.

D. Shubin: That’s a very good question. And I would like to dwell on it in more detail.

This effect is achieved thanks to the combination of exclusively natural ingredients, which have long been proven to be effective.

The main feature of Eco Slim is that it contains components whose effectiveness has been confirmed by dozens of independent studies. Eco Slim blocks the formation of new fatty deposits. And the selective and powerful action of the natural components Eco Slim provides delicate weight loss in those places where there is an excess of subcutaneous fat.

E. Malysheva: Indeed, the properties of this drug are simply amazing. But where, in your opinion, is the danger for our dear spectators?

D. Shubin: As we have seen, the main danger is diets. Using Eco Slim, you do not need to go on diets, fat deposits will disappear anyway. The body needs nutrients from food. Another danger is that when losing weight is so easy and quick, for many, pardon the expression, “blows the mind.” They always think that the weight loss is not enough, because they have never had to lose weight so quickly before. And they realize this, unfortunately, too late.

Natalia suffers from anorexia. The girl did not notice how she lost 20 kg. According to her, she lost weight in 17 days!
E. Malysheva: Dmitry, I completely agree with you, and more and more women are faced with this problem now. But still, what would you like to advise our viewers how to be?

D. Shubin: Perhaps the most effective method, in this case, will be a simple problem statement: first, decide how much weight you plan to lose weight. Let’s say you weigh 80 kilograms and you would be fine with a weight of 55 kilograms. To achieve this goal, you will need a 3-week Eco Slim course, no more! So drink the drug for exactly one month, eat whatever you want, and when the scales show a mark of 55, stop taking the drug. So you will definitely achieve your intended goal and not go too far. You can and should eat as usual – varied and in such quantity so that you do not feel the discomfort caused by hunger. In any case, you will lose weight from Eco Slim, diets are unnecessary here.

E. Malysheva: We have also received information that fakes have already appeared on the market, Dmitry Nikolaevich, where can you buy the real Eco Slim and how to protect yourself from buying a fake?

D. Shubin: The drug Eco Slim has been certified in Russia and the most reliable way to purchase it, while it has not yet appeared in pharmacies, is to order on the website of an official supplier. This is a guarantee of quality and insurance against counterfeits.

Slimming product Eco Slim
E. Malysheva: All that remains is to wish everyone good health and remember that thanks to modern medicine, many problems have begun to be solved much easier and more efficiently. And Eco Slim is a prime example of this. For those looking to lose weight, remember two basic principles. The first is that you don’t have to starve to lose weight! And the second – in order to lose weight, it is better to take Eco Slim after all! Live great!

The cases of sale of fakes of the Eco Slim drug, which has no medicinal properties, have become more frequent! Therefore, especially for our viewers and readers, we place a button for ordering Eco Slim products from the only official supplier. By placing an order here, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product at the best price! Just click the “Visit Supplier Site” button below. You will be taken to the official website where you can place an order.

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