A conversation with a yoga guru/ entrepreneur, where he tells us all about various ‘pathys’, and his name

The uncharitable remarks about the discipline of allopathy made by yoga guru and entrepreneur Bahbah Scramdev have got the medical fraternity up in arms. Second Opinion went to talk to the man behind the controversy.

Second Opinion: The medical association has reportedly filed a Rs 1,000-crore suit against you. What do you say to that?

Bahbah Scramdev: What can I say but that I am deeply honoured. Other suit-boots cost only lakhs, and here I am being offered a suit worth Rs 1,000 crore! What an honour!

SO: The kind of suit you imagine and what the doctors have in mind are very different. But what’ve you got against allopathy?

BS: I’m not just against allopathy, I’m also against homeopathy, naturopathy, and all other pathys but my pathy: Psychopathy.

SO: I don’t think psychopathy is a form of treatment, but something that requires treatment. So how’s your psychopathy different from allopathy and all the other branches of medicine?

BS: Can allopathy, or any of the others, cure homosexuality? They can’t, but my psychopathy can, as I’ve repeatedly said.

SO: So you have. But, apart from all that, don’t you also market a wide range of medicinal and dietary products called Pitanjali. How did you get that name?

BS: I got it from what in marketing are called unsolicited consumer comments. All the unsolicited consumers who tried them commented that my products were, I quote, ‘The pits’. So I called them Pitanjali.

SO: Most edifying. How did you come by your own name?

BS: During a talk I was giving on the benefits of psychopathy, some American members of the audience began to say ‘Bah! Bah!’, which is the American way of saying ‘Wah! Wah!’ as we do in praise, and then they said ‘Scram! Scram!’, which is American for ‘Go!’, as in ‘Go on!’, ‘Continue’! That’s how I became Bahbah Scramdev. But you can call me BS for short. A lot of people do.

SO: I can see why. BS suits you perfectly …



This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.


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