A grain becomes a national migraine

If one was to draw a graph of evets positive and negative of the recent farmer agitation, it is not going to be an over undulating line. It shall be akin to a full screen covered with spikes, as is usual to doctors and paramedics (you may have seen in movies), before they start the CPR (cardio-pulmonary recusation).

In real terms, from a picture of farmer tractors surrounding Delhi borders, some in luxurious over voluminous canopies, savouring typical Punjabi food, waiting for an agreement to materialize—-,

The next, after written assurance of peace, specifically mentioning no damage to national monuments or the people of Delhi, an un-explainable violent jamboree of thousands of tractors unleashed on routines other than what was strictly agreed, drawn and signed, to the picture of a man hoisting another flag on the dome of the Red Fort! Did he not know what he was doing? Farm imbroglio aside, was he not Indian? No respect for the nation, and its solemn customs? Add to this, the two hundred odd policemen, under oath not to hurt their agitating countrymen lying bleeding in the moat outside.

No one, including the respected leaders, or those who were delegated duties, ever made an attempt to force, reprimand this man to climb down? Were these farmers, Indian citizens? Were they others or too subdued to be beaten up by another group who had commandeered the agitation, or were funding every penny. Be what it may, the highest stack of pennies can’t lift a man above a pole to hoist a flag. The Red Fort, is a structural embodiment of this nation’s Independence, and is commemorated each year on the designated day.

The farmer, agricultural -ministry parleys on an eleven- time deadlock aside, why this streak of vengeance? What was behind all this violence and destruction, beating their own security provided by the state?

Then a “U” turn and back to their bases on the outskirts, blurting that their presumed accomplices who caused the mayhem should have been shot.

A reversal of stance to re-in force the agitation, but not a word of appreciation that no one was touched, or even got a scratch, but a gush of periodic tears, when the “water from the village“, was delayed or perhaps arrived in copious amounts too early the next morning.

As a neuro-physician, no hard feelings, still sympathy for their un-fulfilled ambitions, I understand failure in negotiations in talking to a multi-polar group, though not their fault.

At any given time, the country shall have a PM, but it sounds disruptive to single out the executive head of state. Difference of opinion if any could have avoided names, or stated in a mellowed tone.

Somehow respect formally attached to a chair, authority is retained. It is risky to say other-wise, for tomorrow it could be someone else’s turn to conduct the nation’s formalities, that are bound by formalities and protocol.

The Swaminathan Commission, A2 , FL, C2 and MSP all understood, the incident is so bizarre that innumerable mini-irregularities must have fallen at the right time and place, several times for such an incident to happen.

The only face-saving is that a similar event took place in the world’s other great Democracy on the sixth of Dec! Surely, intelligence would have had the facts, but force was held back, knowing the consequences in a charged political environment, the 2 nd Amendment (The Gun Law), giving no reprieve, but actually violently bulldozing the First Amendment being exercised.

So, perhaps not much reason to be disheartened as a people. Some relief from the casuistry and hangover of seeing the opposite of patriotism in some.

However, surrounded by the neighbourhood as we have, this and any government should be alert to weed out such elements. Matters may be lying quite deep, only to surface at the designated time. The low intensity bomb in the vicinity of the Israeli Embassy, other VVIP residences, at the time and in the vicinity of the crucial “Beating Retreat” ceremony, is a pointer, that the nation should keep its guard up permanently.

Taking an excursion to the brighter side, the govt took the right course in tackling Covid, to have worked successfully on two Indian vaccines, and allocating 4% of GDP to healthcare. As for the farmer talks, with the on-going Sessions of Parliament, the government has every opportunity to modulate considering what the farmers’ want and a written consent from all parties.

MSP, perhaps being the main contention, and with the Hon’ble SC having put the laws on hold for one and a half to two years, expert paradigms may be used, so that the amount to be arrived is well insulated to the various costs of innumerable inputs that need the part of it. There should be corollaries as to how it may change, just as DA is calculated. The mechanics and equations should be transparent to the farmer. Political parties may express their opinions as they do in the legislature.

Surely, there may be constraints, in a post-Covid economy, but let’s start repairing the shoe where it hurts!

Hopefully, time shall bring its own polish!



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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