A hard left turn

George Wasington was offered the kingship of America upon its founding but he so disdained the British monarchy against whom he had rebelled that he agreed to become only president. Still among major democracies worldwide, America is the only one where the posts of head of state and head of government are coalesced into one.

In France, there is a head of state (the president) and a head of government (the PM), but when they both belong to the same party, the president acts like the head of government also. Only when they belong to different parties, are the two roles meaningfully separate in the system of cohabitation.

The greatest American ever, Abraham Lincoln, signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law, freeing the slaves, through an executive order. This is the most momentous piece of legislation in American history. Lincoln didn’t go through Congress to free the slaves. Note that an executive order is rule by presidential decree,

Barack Obama came into power and fashioned himself into some kind of Lincoln-like president by signing one executive order after another reversing what George W. Bush had done. Trump came in and undid whatever Obama did by executive order. Joe Biden is undoing them both. He is signing executive orders at the rate of about ten a day.

Biden seems like an old man in a hurry. Perhaps at 78 he feels that he doesn’t have much time left. But if a country takes a hard left turn followed by a right one and then a left one every four or eight years, how will it plough ahead? It will become mired in the slush of turning left and right, and that too turning with such ferocity.

Biden promised to be a president for all Americans (as all new presidents do), but just seems to be interested in placating his base of 81 million who voted for him. The 74 million who voted for Trump can go to hell. Biden has canceled the Keystone oil pipeline being built to transport Canadian oil to America, issuing pink slips to thousands of workers.

He has banned new fracking on federal lands, which constitute about 25% of America’s total land mass, and which are rich in oil and natural gas. Can you imagine the number of new jobs that would have been generated if fracking had been allowed to go on unimpeded? This when the country’s economy has gone into a stupor and badly needs new jobs, of any kind, brown or green.

The hard left seems to be defining Biden’s agenda. The hard left includes Kamala Harris and the upstart Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, as she’s popularly known. AOC is a pretty white woman so the media gives her a lot of attention. She’s only 31, but the left talks of her so gushingly as if she’s going to be a future president.

If AOC ever becomes president, she will make Cuba look like a rightwing paradise. Not lagging much behind her is the VP, Kamala Harris, who of course is just one Biden heartbeat away from the presidency. Trump tried to intercede into Kashmir, but Modi stopped him. Trump did stop and presented Modi with the Legion of Merit. The two leaders got along famously.

But Biden is an ageing rockstar. He has seen it all, done it all. He is amongst those leftists in the world who, like Bill Clinton, see Kashmir as a hot spot and want to see it resolved. Harris has already proclaimed her determination for interfering in Kashmir.

But wait, there’s a catch. Everything comes at a price. Suddenly the US is all ready to sell F-16s to India. Obama tried hard to do so but didn’t succeed. He even attended India’s Republic Day parade to make the plug. But for some reason India is not falling for the F-16. Is the Biden-Harris proposition to India, buy the F-16s, else we will wade into Kashmir?

Biden is doing all that the left wants of him except police reform. Most of his 81 million voters are wary of police reform. They are still predominantly white and the police too is. As far as immigration reform is concerned, Biden doesn’t really care so much for it to bring it into being through executive order. He has punted legislation for it to Congress, where it will get trimmed down to like a bird without feathers and maybe even wings.

Modi faces a great challenge from the Biden-Harris duo. Harris seems like a self-hating Indian who always plays down her Indian heritage. I love it when American media calls her of Asian descent. In America, Asian means East Asian. Then they call her South Asian. Well South Asia consists of many countries. I understand that calling her of Indian descent might confuse her with being of American Indian descent, but why doesn’t she just tell the world that she is of East Indian descent?

It cannot be more disambiguous than that. But she never does so. It’s really funny how much India’s media wants to own her while how much she distances herself from India at the same time.

The Senate trial against Donald Trump promises to fall flat. He will be acquitted once again, and gain the halo of a martyr amongst his supporters. As he said, he will be watching and he will be listening when he leaves office. Instead of the six hours that he spent every day watching TV as president, now he can watch the telly for 18 hours daily. Oh, yes, he will be waiting and he will be watching. Biden, don’t forget your promise. You promised to be a president for all the people. Let that not just be empty rhetoric.



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