A journey from Grey to VIBGYOR

The night, when fully matured moon is radiating its glaring white color in the sky, when black color of darkness is still surviving in shades and shadows.

The cosmic power is empowering the bright self in us to embrace our dark shade and neutralise it. People around the world have deciphered the message and gathered around the flames of dead dried woods to energies this embrace. The darkness of night and shine of moon both started to wither giving space to the vibrant colour of fire. Eventually as the fire looms, the process of surrendering the stagnated self – consisting of ‘good and bad’ ‘white and black’ concludes, resulting in a neutral and renewed form depicted by the grey colour of ashes. Grey which is formed by mixing both extreme colours black and white, symbolises wisdom, balance, compromise, agreements and control. In night we witness the grey coloured ashes at multiple places, as a proof of reincarnated self which yearns to associate with new, vibrant and lively colors. The fire ash symbolises the neutrality of emotions, and self which is willing to espouse all kind of colours with greater acceptability.

Unlike other festivals Holi is not about a day but a year long journey whose course is set a night before and colourful voyage commences on next morning.

The dawn awakens the new soul, which is pure with no grudges, no ill-wills, no animosity, no revenge, no negativity. It is a morning of love, color, brightness. The colour is spread all around. People dance on the beats of music. The sweets are shared all along. Socially there are no barriers of caste, age, gender. The colour is same for all.

The way we refresh gadgets when they hang, similarly Holi is the perfect day for humans to refresh life, relationships and self. Infect it is the only day of the year when all the factors synergise to cause rejuvenation. It is considered as last day of the winter season and outset of spring. The coldness is getting over and trees begins to grow their leaves, symbolising new initiatives by us. Mythologically the anecdote of Lord Vishnu and Prahalad, teaches us about honesty, faith and courage, the most important elements to build any relationship. On this day Lord Krishna immortalised Radha’s name with himself upholding the love above everything.

Culturally it’s the day when people are in festival mood and can go to anyone to speak their heart out. Socially the festival is not limited to a particular faith but across faith people celebrates it.

Hence, it’s the day when grey which is amalgamation of white and black, merrily agrees to turn into VIBGYOR and mesmerises everyone.

Happy Holi ‘21



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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