Another migrant exodus reveals poor planning before disruptive lockdown

The exodus of migrant workers from Delhi after a week-long curfew was announced on Monday exposes poor planning for the second year in running. Last year if it was the central government that was caught napping, this time it is the Delhi government.

With no income or food security there is no surprise that migrant workers are forced to leave cities like Delhi where they come for their livelihood. The ‘one nation one card’ portability of ration cards is a good initiative but offtake is low and most migrants would rather have their families in their native villages take the monthly allocations rather than consume their entitlements in cities.

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Perhaps, Delhi could have announced concrete social security measures upfront for the poorest sections before proceeding with the week-long curfew. Now industrial units are also left in the lurch with their workers leaving making fast reopening a difficult prospect. With the Delhi lockdown also running into problems, other states can’t say they weren’t forewarned.



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