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Human hands are the finest example of evolution. Only the monkeys have the same kind of dexterous hands. While changing from monkey to human, we opted for similar hands and could visualise no improvement there. And some forgot to tick the ‘brain’ in the evolution list.

We have a left and a right hand. For a coordinated life, it is important that one hand knows what the other is doing.

Hands play distinct roles in our life.

When I was a student, palm was used to deliver life-changing cane strokes. Any wayward adventure in school or non-completion of homework would mean standing in a line with other offenders. Everyone would extend hands and expose their palms. Teacher would start from one end of the line and deliver one cane per palm. The sounding impact, tingling sensation and painful red palm would ensure mental resolution of not repeating the offending pursuit. But the temptation to be part of naughty activities was more powerful than the fear of the cane.

During college days, many boys turned palmists overnight. Their only investment was few pages reading “Palmistry For Beginners”. It would provide them ample opportunities to hold hands of girls who wanted to know their future, especially when it came to love life and marriage.
“Will I have any affairs?”, “When will I get married?”, “Will mine be a love marriage or arranged?” – these were the usual questions.
No one was worried about whether the marriage will be peaceful or not. I wonder why nobody is reading the lines at the sole of foot. They might be more meaningful and smelly too.

Smart phones revolutionised lives of thumbs. It is such a treat watching youngsters using both the thumbs to type at a speed of Mach One. Very soon, gyms shall offer special exercises for thumbs. Spas shall have thumb massage packages for thumbs tired of day-long typing. Body-building competitions shall include a special round for well-developed muscles of the thumb.

Index finger has been used primarily to accuse others. Some people are very sensitive to any index finger pointing towards them. They are offended more by the pointing of finger than the accompanying words. It has started many a fights within a family or community. This finger can be the cause of a third world war. Students like me used this finger to find our name in the list of successful candidates whenever the result of class exams were displayed on the board. Of course we always started from the bottom of the list.

Thumb and index finger work in tandem to pinch or to hold. And to keep the nose clean.

Middle finger is no saint. It points upwards and insults the other person to no end. May be that is the bad influence of the index finger.

Move further, and the spectrum changes for the better. Next comes the ring finger. As the folklore goes, this finger has a direct connection with the heart. Putting a ring across this finger represents putting a seal across the heart, kind of an “Occupied” notice.

Next is the cute little finger. It is the baby of the hand. Till now, it has been used to indicate the need to go to the loo. Look at the juxtaposition. One finger represents heart and the next one represents the bladder.

Many industries survive on nails. First came the nail polish and then came the nail polish remover. More ingenious entrepreneurs came up with nail extensions, full range of decorations and nail-scaping.

Close the hand and one gets a fist. There can be a punch that can give someone a bloody nose. Else, we can have a comic punchline, that can add a smile to a face.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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