Be your own favourite love!

This V-Day, pledge to love your own self. Here’s how…

They say no love is possible until you love your own self.

And we love ourselves best when we feel good about ourselves. Between man and nature, we have been provided with enough enticing images of serenity, sensuality and happiness that indicate a good life. Somewhere between all these, we seek and find our own best spaces.

Loving yourself is to undertake a lifelong journey of living your best life – in body, mind and spirit. Of being assured that you are making the most of what life has given you and staying happy and content. If you love yourself, you are relaxed and at peace with yourself and the world, with no extremes of emotion, no guilt, no expectations, and nothing binding you to a forced activity or task. When the world and you just let each other be…

Happiness and contentment always meet at points of balance – tip the scale either way and you lose the ephemeral connect. We cannot ignore one aspect of our lives totally while paying extra attention to another. It all catches up. To lay the ground for self-love, you have to feel good about yourself.

You feel good about yourself when you know you have done the best you could towards yourself and loved ones, when you alone take responsibility for your actions and have nobody else to praise or blame for the outcome. When the freedom of choice is yours and you have the wisdom and courage to make good choices, and the maturity to live with these. When you look towards your own counsel and not towards others for guidance and strategy. And, when what the world thinks of you or your actions pales in comparison to your own evaluation.

And, this state can be achieved only when you have nurtured and taught yourself with love and understanding. It is possible only if you love yourself enough to hear yourself, believe in yourself and to take the time to evolve and nurture yourself – all essential aspects of self-love.

So what then is the best way to love oneself? It is not very different to the way we love others.

Listen – You are unique – do not believe anyone who tries to direct or limit your dreams, or to set you benchmarks. Just listen to your own self – all directions and answers are within you.

Believe – Have faith in yourself and in your dreams. Do not fear failure; it is inevitable. Courage is not the lack of fear, but what you do in the face of fear. So long as you understand that the only limits are the ones you set yourself, the world is your oyster. Believe it.

Evolve – Keep growing always. Learn something new every day – a skill, a technique, a new thought or philosophy – even a new word. Read up on mythology, history, wars, movements. Watch documentaries, listen to podcasts. Information is power and as you keep gathering it, you will feel the power within you growing.

Indulge – Love yourself enough to let yourself off the hook at times. Indulge yourself in things that make you feel naughty, guilty, happy, loved and child-like!

Forgive – Don’t be harsher on yourself than you would be on others. Forgive yourself. There is life beyond mistakes. Learn your lesson and move on. Have no regrets; what’s done is done.

Nurture – Look after your body, mind and spirit well. Pay attention to health and fitness, your looks and also your mental and spiritual well-being.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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