Beyond fears and limitations

Ethan climbed the cliff straight up and high
With guts and nerves without a sigh
Intelligence Agent climbs the mountains without pain
A witty Sherlock jump the falls headlong using brain
With a portable cylinder of oxygen

Her fortune, health, money gone
The tough and rough times she’s undergone
Worse and worse grow the evil curse
Many uncharted territories she had to traverse
Where the eagles, look with a pitiless glare
In the wide realm of wild reality, she faced a glaring stare

Waking up in the morning, with an awful aching head
O the blues! Weary blues!
Her strong will!
She enjoyed a life of thrill!
Steeled nerves
Since she was born
“I will win the game” her spirit has sworn
Mind focusing on “Hurrah for positive science!”
Equally positive she can climb up to the incandescent stars
Listening to Bob Dylan’s guitar
As afresh wave of consciousness untangled a knot in the nerves

With the power of positive thinking
Grief became a melody
She felt the tears in the vale became a delightful glee
I am going towards my expectation
Reasoning closely with introspection
Discarding junk of other minds
Strewn in the track she had an inkling

With fierce, fearless mind climbing uphill
She thought as I get troubled in body and mind
Her mind slipped
But she gave a dazzling smile
Tarry awhile
The mother becomes a fierce Goddess
Climbing at her old age regardless
“Look around you, don’t be blind”
She has a perfect handle on the situation
Take control, show your strength and comprehension
She said with angelic resignation

A dream of hopes of your pure mind
Concentrating on the problems and difficulties
The apt solution she will find
Her absent-mindedness will make her subject of cruelties

They are working towards a dream
Alarmingly handing by one hand under the moonbeam
She swerved to the left rock with a smiling face
She’s not blind from within shows her grace
She climbs up and up to the top leading the way
Mother heard the howling pack of wolves coming towards them,
Springing to her feet, drawing on the sword progressed fearless mum
The pack accompanied them and she felt they are not the prey
She was intrigued that an aura of brightness is hovering over her top
Her Dreams! Would vividly color life,
And end the fleeting, shadowy, misty strife
With faith superior to hope
With the quiet precision of science, God will sort problems,
As with aplomb, they proceed towards the hilltop.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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