Birth of a new national opposition leader

The greatest part of Democracy is People Power and today’s election result in four states and one Union Territory has demonstrated it again. India celebrates Democracy and Democracy is deep rooted and safe in India. We must preserve it the way we preserve our treasures.

The result of Bengal’s election this year is different in many ways. Trinamool Congress Party after serving for 2 terms was facing anti-incumbency and BJP was trying to dethrone Mamata Banerjee and ensure that there doesn’t exist any strong opposition in India. Mantra of Present BJP duo of Modi – Shah is either ‘ally with them’ or ‘perish’ and the ‘almost end’ of the grand old congress party has given this duo all the more confidence. This is a new thinking within BJP, which is contrary to the principles of Democracy. In a democracy, an opposition party is as important as a Party in the government. In fact this thought process has also dwarfed other leaders within BJP. The party which was known to have produced very successful and efficient leaders in the past under Atal-Advani duo leadership, has none today. Having tasted the success in 2019 in Bengal, BJP decided not to lose the inertia and finish the most powerful opposition leader, the Mamata Didi of Bengal, who like an injured tigress was healing her injury inflicted in 2019. Overwhelmed with the success of Bihar Election, the BJP duo took the task on them of strategizing the Bengal election. Prime Minister & Home Minister of a country visits a province for campaigning for more than 20 times by each one of them, where they had hardly visited earlier after assuming their respective positions in the Union Government. They thought Bengali will never realize that, it was not the love for Bengalis these gentlemen were visiting but for their own love for Bengal. Government of India on its own could have announced several industrial projects or infrastructure projects through Government of India budgetary schemes.

So what went wrong with BJP’s strategy? Actually BJP did not have any strategy. The present day BJP doesn’t believe in discussion or deliberation or brain storming. They earlier used to have ‘Chintan Baithak’ but today it’s passé. BJP did not have any agenda to speak to people. When people in Bengal after having suffered immensely for more than 5 decades looked upon BJP with hope and wanted to see a plan for development and growth. They only parroted words like ‘sonar Bangla’, ‘Jai Shri Ram’, Tolabazi, ‘Tushtikaran’ and nothing on employment generation plan or industrial development or infrastructure development. They hardly spoke about any concrete vision for Bengal. One day they shouts and alleges corruption charges on Trinamool leaders and next day they welcome corrupt leaders from Trinamool into BJP and provide Z+ security. This created an internal conflict within BJP leaders and a sense of cheating within the loyal supporters of BJP. Overconfidence and Arrogance are other traits which BJP has acquired recently.

Mamata Banerjee, after losing her most trusted opportunistic lieutenants, took the entire battle on herself and did everything right. The slogan of ‘Khela Hobe’ energized her party workers and supporters. The Campaign on ‘Bengal’s own daughter’ connected well with all women voters and the elderly. Her last ditch effort through programmes such as “Swastha Sathi” and “Dware Sarkar” also touched the poor and lower middle income group, although long term success of this programmes are uncertain. She successfully converted adversities like Nandigram accident and Sitalkuchi incident into opportunities. Mamata Banerjee consolidated woman voter base strategically. Even BJP’s position on Muslim voters were used perfectly by Trinamool to ensure 100% support from these voters.

Mamata Banerjee has strengthened her position well within the corridors of opposition. She rightfully deserves to be the leader of the opposition coalition, where Gandhi family members were considered till now. Mamata Didi leads from front and she has done it not once but twice. In 2016, her entire cabinet got marred into Narada and Sharada scams but she fought the elections single handedly. And she repeated the same in 2021. She personally took the challenge to the Adhikari bastion of Nandigram.. She is the Royal Bengal Tigress who can ensure that BJP government at the centre treads into the right path of governance and democracy is survives in India.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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