BJP vs. opposition political parties!

The entire country has been ashamed of the inhuman and horrific acts done on the Republic Day i.e. 26 January 2021 by pseudo-disobedient miscreants and disruptive elements in the name of farmers. There is hardly any other example of deliberately abusing the right to freedom of expression under democracy, after the Shaheen Bagh incident. Why is there no solution to the peasant movement as yet, even after several rounds of talks between the central government and the farmers, is a multi-million question to ponder? Of course, there is neither a true leader leading the peasant movement properly nor has there been any attempt to properly understand the spirit of the Agricultural Reforms Bill and so convince the protesting farmers.

In fact, a group of the so-called leaders in this ongoing agitation is active to fulfill its narrow interests and due to their stubbornness they remain easy victims of anti-national, disruptive or terrorist elements, as visible in the pro-Khalistan terrorists support to this movement from England and America and also into the action of inciting agitators by the anti-national elements and terrorists within the country. Now some international personalities have also started to intervene in this movement as seen in the tweets of American singer Rihanna, activist Greta Thunberg and porn star Mia Khalifa. Although they have nothing to say in meaningful terms, but one thing is clear that the peasant leaders have no concern about the security of the country or the peace and stability of the Indian society.

The biggest problem facing the country today is that almost all political parties or pressure groups only deal with each political, social, economic or religious issue from a narrow party perspective. The purpose of protecting the national interest or the actual cultivation of the public interest always remains secondary to them. Due to their vested interests, they do deviate from the overall political scenario in the country with the ostensible aim of finding a real solution to the core problem or issue, and instead continue to focus on the alliance of the political parties in opposition versus the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In this scenario, instead of finding a solution to a challenge together and also adopting a stubborn approach, the only goal of the opposition political parties remains to let down the BJP-ruled central or state governments in the country. It has now become clear by their consistent stand for the past many years that the only goal of anti-BJP alliance in the country or in different states is to oppose the BJP government, no matter how well the government is doing. Therefore, for this purpose, all these anti-BJP leaders visualize their political victory into just issuing provoking statements and misleading agitators rather than addressing the issue and solving the problem.

In this worrisome situation, We the People of India must come forward to motivate the genuine peasant leaders including the peasants themselves to rise above their narrow and selfish interests and must discard the anti-national farmer leaders who only aim to serve their petty vested interests in the name of the peasant movement. Further all the pseudo-political leaders, anti-social elements, and radical anti-national, disruptive and pro-Khalistan organizations be also isolated by them at the earliest, because only then can a meaningful dialogue between the central government and the farmers may be found out, as an acceptable solution to both sides.

At the same time, non-BJP political parties should not only adopt an anti-BJP attitude in the name of narrow party-politics, but should also worry about the interest of the country and society, so that the national interest and human sentiments may be protected and the Indian society may enjoy the lasting peace and security. As evident, only then the integrity and social harmony of the country can be established. This can happen as nothing is beyond human endeavour.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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