Bring spiritual fitness in life in the post Covid-19 era

Wellness or Well-being has become most important aspect in everyone’s life especially now when the whole world is grappling through Covid-19. Everybody is looking for ways to become fit as Covid-19 and lockdown has, had a significant impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing. However, fitness is not limited to only physical health but it’s important to keep nourishing our social, mental or psychological and spiritual growth. If any of these areas are not taken care of, our life can go out of balance or lack harmony. 

Happiness and Success are the two most important aspects of our lives, and it can be achieved only if all the four elements – physical, mental, social and spiritual – are taken care of and kept in balance. Also all the four areas are interconnected, each area of health affects the others so attending to all areas of health is important to your overall well-being.

What is Spiritual Fitness?

Spiritual fitness is all about creating inner strength by attaining overall spiritual health and applying spirituality which will help in thriving and enjoying life. Spirituality at times is used alternatively for religion, however Spirituality is not limited to religion; it is in fact a philosophy or a way of life that one can incorporate in their lives irrespective of faith, religion or even belief system.

The most important thing that we all know but we always forget, is that when we have inner strength- the goals we want to achieve, such as fitness, happy and strong relationships, prosperity, are easier to achieve. 

By focusing on spiritual fitness, one is basically working inside out; it can be in any form of activity – such as yoga or playing a musical instrument or even painting as long as the person consciously pays attention to experiencing the present moment.

Here are few essential tips to achieve spiritual fitness-

Tip # 1

Pledge to be conscious of your moods

Make a conscious effort to reduce the places, people or anything that drains your energy. Stay balanced in your emotions by not indulging in gossiping, complaining, comparing yourself with others also by not being too much on Social media.

Tip # 2

Make someone else happy

Life has its ups and downs and that is the truth. Helping someone else have a better or happier day will help you in brightening your day and also nourish your soul. Lifting another person’s spirit is in doing simple things such as giving a compliment, holding a door open or offering encouraging words to someone in need.

Tip # 3

Find a Guide or a Mentor

Having a mentor or a guide is an important aspect in being spiritually fit. A Spiritual Guide is someone who can help in finding the path that will bring inner happiness and peace in the person. 

Tip # 4

Being in the company of like-minded people

In the pursuit to become spiritually fit, one should be in the company of similarly intentioned and like-minded people as that will help in achieving your goal. However, it doesn’t mean that one should judge or reject people who don’t share similar views as you. It simply means being surrounded with the energies that will assist you in becoming spiritually fit. 

Tip # 5

Live with Blessing, Intentions and Gratitude

It is important to live with an attitude of acceptance towards blessings, having the right intention, and being in gratitude for all the goodness in one’s life. Support your life, your attitude and the choices you make by practicing the big three aspects; and this will help you in finding all the courage, inner strength to be on the spiritual path.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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