Consolidation – A gateway to expansion

Right from the pre-modern world to this digital world, we have come a long way in terms of civilization. Every country wants to grow and expand its footprints not only to the surface of the earth but also to other revolving bodies in the solar system. Ironically, only a few countries were able to grow in terms of political and economic powers. If we look at ancient history the leaders who consolidated their territories were the ones who expanded their kingdom. This formula was also applicable while western powers were looking for an alternative to the silk route which was under the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century.

The company consolidated small territories of the Indian subcontinent and later expanded to a new territory and the cycle went till the whole country became a colony of western powers. If we look towards the nations that have invested in science, technology, R&D, Oil manufacturing, trade & commerce, rare metal extraction, and most importantly on education are growing at a great pace. The obvious answer to this is the consolidation of power. Better education gives birth to a rational society which in turn chooses great leaders. These leaders focus on the actual needs of the nation and make the nation an economic power. The one who holds a good economy can turn into political power, Change in polity can further lead to a change in society. The best example of this is the western powers.

The formula not only holds true at the macro level but if we talk of a student who spends a good amount of time at the study table but fails to revise (consolidate) has fewer chances to give a better result, On the other hand, if a student spends less time at study but consolidates after learning each module can give better results. Another example could be China, which got independence by 1949 but turned into an economic power by the early 21st century. The BRI initiative, the CPEC are the expansion plans to boost the economy of China. India and other nations must also work to counter such plans and work on their consolidation and expansion strategies.

The second wave of Covid – 19 has taught us a lesson with a lot of pain, Our country needs to consolidate in terms of health, education, infrastructure, R & D, Supply chains, and a lot more. After this consolidation, we can move towards the milestone of a developed nation. The per capita income, fiscal deficit showcase the slowdown within the economic recovery. Once the economy comes on track, polity and society can synergize towards the development path. Let us be sensible with this phase of unlocking and behave responsibly in terms of putting masks, social distancing norms, sanitization protocols and most importantly getting jabbed.

Alexa Smart Said: How did the Covid-19 consolidate the whole world?



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