Corona: A night too long 

‘Contagion’ ─ while watching a fear-provoking realistic thriller that portrayed the spread of an airborne pandemic virus, I wondered what would have happened if all that was for real! 

To my utter disbelief, not only dreams but movies can also come true.

‘Corona’ ─ just when we thought it was check-mated, it waved at us from the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest!

As for my Delhi, Corona is in a frenzy─screeches of people gasping for a breath of oxygen blurring their hope to see the next sunrise. Humans, like a swarm of bees that once crowded the markets and shopping malls, have now changed their route to the crematoriums. Alas!

And for a few, Corona has not attacked their respiratory system but the moral values ─ some unworthy humans are using this catastrophe to mint more and more money.

The last lockdown ─  time when some of us turned into chefs and others as barbers. Some lighted hope through diyas and some banged thalis to thank the real warriors. The display of happiness on social media has now been swapped with condolence messages and call-outs for plasma. Oh dear! The reality is scarier than the movie I saw.

To all the astrological predictions claiming that this terrible scenario will come to rest soon ─ we are keeping our fingers crossed. As of now, all hopes are allied to the vaccination.

No matter how many times you throw an apple in the air, it falls back on the Earth, but Corona threw us up like an apple and instead of falling back, we got stuck in an ‘infectious choking bubble’. 

When the jungle is on fire ─ birds fly, tiny animals burrow underground and others seek shelter in lakes and rivers. But for us, even if we want to run, where would we escape? To Mars? Well, it must be taking a sigh of relief that we haven’t been able to find signs of life on it yet! And it has a reason to feel like this, when we can reduce a beautiful planet like ours to ashes, what would we do to a planet that already looks barren?

Red sand is all that we are fascinated by! ‘Take care of your own home dimwits’, Martians must be mocking us. 

I have a gut feeling that  God will save the celestial bodies from the human race.

Speaking of the Earth, as there is nowhere to run, I’m finding my solace in prayers.

The gut feeling? God will save us too! 



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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