Creating a world as per evolution’s designs

By Vir Singh

‘Spirituality and rationality do not exclude each other but complement each other.’ This is one of the tenets of eco-philosophy, a great gift Henryk Skolimowski gave to this world in 1974. A meaningful fusion of ecology and philosophy, eco-philosophy came into being as a new refreshing term which changed our way of thinking. Spirituality is a quest of evolution. Out of our own being, spirituality creates an inner being, a perfect being. This inner being is the essence of real human existence. We are not a biomass, we are a spirit also. Spirituality establishes a communication between our physical being and spiritual being. Rationally speaking, spirituality elevates us to the cosmic dimensions.

Rationality calls us to be human in letter and spirit. If we claim to be the most evolved being on the living planet, to be rational is natural. We cannot afford to be irrational, or we will have to disclaim being superior to other beings in thinking, reasoning, acting and being holistic. And, of course, we cannot be rational without being spiritual. We cannot be a complete human person without the realisation of our inner being. We have to identify, recognise, refine, ameliorate and continuously evolve ourselves. It is not just a necessity to comply with human life, but also an imperative of the cosmic evolution. For the cosmic evolution created us to comply with its evolutionary designs. Therefore, being spiritual and being rational complement each other.

Spirituality feeds the inner self to intertwine into self-integrity, into oneness. It extends self-integrity to ecological integrity – the intactness of our ecosystems and that of our whole biosphere. It is not just an individual or a social phenomenon, spirituality is an ecological phenomenon too. When human species has evolved to be the guardian of all life forms and a custodian of the cosmos, spirituality becomes a source to feed the living planet and to strike a cosmic balance. Spiritual integrity manifests into ecological integrity – an imperative of our biosphere.

Complementary to spirituality, rationality helps us understand and stimulate the role of spiritual beings in becoming what must become – to integrate the inner self, society, the whole world and cosmos.

Spirituality and rationality are two aspects of the same coin. Eco-philosophy’s tenet guides us to harness the natural bond between spirituality and rationality and evolve our evolutionary capabilities, empowering us to understand the creative journey of the cosmos and fertilise the universe.

Spirituality is a gist of evolution. The universe is now undergoing its spiritual evolution. Our physical evolution transcends to intellectual evolution which in turn transcends to spiritual evolution. It is the spiritual evolution that integrates our physical, intellectual, ethical and aesthetic development. Rationality emphasises integrity and balance among physical, intellectual, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic developments of human beings.

Spirituality empowers us to accomplish our responsibilities conferred upon us by evolution – to work in compliance with evolution. Rationality aids the faculties of our empowerment. Spirituality-led and rationality-aided empowerment helps us liberate ourselves from vices, enlighten ourselves and societies we are part of, understand the phenomenon of life deeply, comprehend the infinite cosmic vastness, and create a world and universe as per evolution’s own designs.

 May 4 is celebrated as Eco-philosophy Day



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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