Dinesh Trivedi just gets even with Mamata Banerjee in his dramatic exit from Rajya Sabha

When Dinesh Trivedi announced his resignation as a Trinamool Congress MP from the Rajya Sabha on the floor of the House protesting against violence in West Bengal on the last day of Budget Session– that is before the Parliament was to adjourn for a month-long recess– it was quite clear that he had made a public announcement more to create an impact than to act on his decision.That Is why Deputy Chairman Harivansh suggested that he have to follow-up his grand announcement by handing in papers personally to Rajya Sabha Chairman.

Whatever the technicalities the Trinamool leader’s grandstanding had caught everyone in his party off-guard; and even as Trivedi himself later disclosed he was not prepared for it on Friday morning, many of his Rajya Sabha colleagues believed that his exit from the TMC may have been unplanned but it was actually overdue.

” With his exit from the TMC, he has at least got even with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, ” recalled a West Bengal Congress MP.

Three issues have long riled Trivedi– firstly, his unceremonious sacking in March 2012 as Rail Minister and that too barely four days after he had presented a ” phenomenal ” Rail Budget. Mamata had replaced him with her then crony Mukul Roy. Ironically, Roy is now in the BJP.

Besides, trashing of his rail budget , Trivedi has also been resenting domination of Mamata Banerjee’s nephew, Abhishek Banerjee in party affairs and growing clout of Derek O’brien in parliamentary work in Delhi. He made it quite clear that he was suffocated in a political party that he founded in 1998 along with Mamata. In interviews across channels post resignation, he has spoken about how he was pulled up for condemning attack on BJP President J.P.Nadda’s convoy during his last December visit to Diamond Harbour– which falls in the constituency of Abhishek Banerjee.

To persistent queries about his future plans, Trivedi has been elusive; he still maintains he has not sorted out his plans. He asserted that he had known Prime Minister Narender Modi since 1990 and the doors of the BJP were always open to him since 2014. It is also possible that the BJP may like to save its plans to induct Trivedi for a later day. For today, the out-going TMC leader kept the focus of the narrative on his Gujaratiness and pointed out how he had worked to serve Bengal and India. In the backdrop of Mamata’s political jibe about outsiders, Trivedi in a tv interview interestingly emphasised on Gujaratiness, not just of Modi ,Home Minister Amit Shah and himself but also invoked Mahatma Gandhi and his favourite bhajan Vaishnava jana to tene kahi yehyeje!



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