Drishyam and ‘CD lady’

Catching up on Indian news from foreign shores is difficult. Especially if one doesn’t have the habit of going through news channels regularly. But browse in Chrome and one gets to read the news of our interest, based on previous searches. I found two major news items- Drishyam and ‘CD lady’, who is now providing a lot of fodder to news channels that are jumping in joy at this bonanza.

I watched Drishyam2, on OTT, just like others. Tried to get into the feel of an Indian village, from a posh city in the US. Tried to connect it to Drishyam1 and my own upbringing, in a conservative society, with many restrictions on women. I was wondering what I would have done, if I was in that girl’s situation or her mother’s, for that matter. The mother didn’t have much time to think, but the girl did. Why couldn’t she have confided in her parents? Why did she agree to meet him in stealth? Drishyam wouldn’t have been made if the girl had approached the problem logically and yes, many young girls would have tried to ‘handle’ the issue by themselves. So the boy had to be killed so that the plot and its subsequent versions would be made.

With digital media being so rampant, it’s important to sensitise our children to privacy issues. Not just the girls, but the boys as well. Women and girls have an upper hand as the law is more favorable to them. So a random message, a harmless selfie together can lead to disastrous repercussions.

The ‘CD lady’, the ‘victim’ whom the minister purportedly tried to ‘use’ is now in the eye of a storm in Karnataka. Whether she was being used or she is using a minister in power isn’t the topic of discussion. I was just wondering about such a conversation happening between two lovers and then suddenly, the boy is ‘framed’. Oh, yes, we can recall how a young actress committed suicide and an upcoming actor jailed for the same.

Who should be blamed now? The minister, whose reputation is now tarnished forever, the lady, who has manipulated the entire proceedings or is being manipulated by someone else? How would this ‘Drishyam’unfold?



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