Finally, Kamala Harrris has a job to do

Donald Trump became famous through the American reality TV show, The Apprentice. Ever since Trump’s arch-nemesis Joe Biden was elected president some six months ago, Kamala Harris has been by Biden’s side as his apprentice.

She has been sure to stand at attention to his right whenever he takes to the microphone. At the Quad summit, she was busy taking notes. It’s obvious that Biden is grooming her for the top job whenever her time comes.

Vice presidents have come in all forms. There was Dan Quayle, the almost clownish veep of the elder George Bush. There was the Darth Vader-like Dick Cheney, who the younger George Bush had to finally restrain from destroying his administration, which nevertheless imploded.

Harris was a first-term senator when Biden picked as his number two. Biden wanted a black woman as his veep. There were plenty of qualified candidates around. There was Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, who almost made the cut, but is now confined to a life of obscurity. There was Stacey Abrams, whose work in Georgia flipped the state to Biden. There was the ever-composed Keisha Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta. But the cup went to the attractive Harris.

Donald Trump ran a cruel immigration policy on America’s southern border. He built the wall, where the 31-year Democratic Congresswoman of Hispanic descent, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) who is woke and who effectively defines the agenda of the Democratic Party, went wailing, displaying her histrionics which she has perfected for all the world to see to show how her heart bled for her Hispanic brethren.

Trump also put kids in cages and forced migrants to stay in Mexico, essentially deterring many from reaching America’s southern border. Biden at one fell swoop undid all of Trump’s actions. It looked good but word spread all over Central and South America that America was open for business.

Biden’s four self-declared challenges were taming the pandemic, restoring the economy, confronting racial inequality, and taking on climate change. One and two are correlated. The economy will recover if the pandemic is tamed.

Racial inequality in America is a pipedream. As long as whites in America feel threatened by the browning of America and thereby an anxiety of white extinction gripping them, their oppression will increase not decrease. And climate change? Where in the world are ordinary people taking climate change seriously?

Biden never expected the southern border to explode, or implode, as it has, with streams of migrant children, many of them Covid-ridden, flowing into the US. America had a new sheriff and he was known to be empathetic. That was what won him the presidency in the first place.

The job of policing the border is with the department of homeland security, an agency that was created after 9/11 but whose tentacles now spread far and wide throughout the administration. The empathetic Mr. Biden appointed a Hispanic immigrant, the imperious-looking Alejandro Mayorkas, as the secretary of homeland security. Harris swore him in. It’s her job to swear in much of the cabinet.

Biden sent Mayorkas on TV shows talking about the challenge at the border. For Jen Psaki, Biden’s flaming redhead of a press secretary, it was never a crisis. It was a full-blown crisis, but she kept insisting that it was just a challenge. Mayorkas pinned the blame for the simmering volcano on the border on Donald Trump. Yes, Trump did bad things at the border, but at least the border was relatively quiet under him. Mayorkas also never brought up President Biden’s name during his interviews, which is a job-killer if you are a cabinet lackey.

Disappointed at Mayorkas’s performance, Biden ruthlessly shoved him aside and parachuted in Harris. As attorney of San Francisco, and later as attorney-general of California, she had earned the reputation of being a diligent gang-buster. When she reached the US Senate came ambitions of becoming the president. She went woke. She mauled Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court justice over his alleged sexual misconduct.

She even went after Biden in the Democratic primaries for him being tone-deaf on racism. What exactly Biden saw in her, especially over Rice and Abrams and Bottoms remains a mystery. Now Harris has the southern border to tackle. All of Central and South America has been devastated by the pandemic. Gangs roam Latin America killing and looting. Many unaccompanied children are coming to the border sent by helpless parents hoping that they will have a better life in America.

But are human trafficking as well as drug trafficking also taking place? That is for Harris to figure out. Will she display the stern prosecutorial side of hers that she had done so in California, or will she play up her woke AOC side that she exhibited to win the veep job? Immigration along with gun control are amongst the two toughest jobs in America.

How Harris handles her new job will make or mar her chances of becoming president.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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