For my current doctors, I feel unlimited gratification

My indigent miserable diseases,
From which previous, way too many doctors
Had recoiled in horror or disbelief,
Shun me with a relief

The seriousness with which these hallucinations,
Beyond my wildest dreams, beyond imagination
Along with in some precarious situation
Have been evaluated—by current doctors,
I feel unlimited gratification

Most doctors of this period had never heard of leptomeningeal hemangioblastomas

No, don’t try to find it on Wikipedia
How spillage if tumor cells cause
They float without any pause
With a fatal function
Nerve compression

The floating stars in the cushioning fluid
Unless Getafix the druid
By breaking news to the clueless
Irradiating the floaters is not useless
They decompress

But radiation ought to travel in a straight trajectories
Said the druid guided by his old memories
Depositing the energy on the floaters
Not healthy tissue
Incessantly pressing the issue

Chronic tiredness;

Electric currents terribly, horribly buzz,
One could die due to the head full of buzz
Upon investigating the cause
Congestion of the chest
or abdominal discomfort
Liquid diarrhea

Coming out of the bathroom with a funky fresh idea

Sudden blurry vision
Moments of indecision
I’ve got a nagging dazed suspicion
In my slumber see the dreams Elysian

Fizzy burps
That erupts

yet dimly understood, although it almost certainly involves a dysfunction

Of some internal organs

Behind all learned was in Nature's laws

Genes with flaws

Using shears to snip the tumor-free
Tumor explosion not been documented extensively
Emergency surgical procedures, usually in times of war or pandemic

I’ve faced several gimmicks

An artificial virus with multi-dimensional qualities that Provokes the craving to bait its victims

The terrifying outbreak of fever
Would cling to thee forever
Dry cough

Leading to an explulsive one that doesn’t stop

Though there is no known cure, there are many treatments that regard symptoms,

Divine Phantom of evolutionary disease can’t be prevented

But can be treated



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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