Gulfi brags about her daughter

Dear God, end this lockdown so that I can go to my parties in peace. So many nice outfits I have to flaunt, but where is the opportunity?

So the other day, Sarita said why miss on an opportunity to catch up? Let’s meet on a video group call with other women from the kitty party group. I said ya ya, why not? I have got this new laptop also.

Little confession I must make – I am a little surprised that Sarita knows how to make these group video calls. Her son is only studying to be a cook at some place in London called Le Cordon Bleu. Honestly, it sounds like a shop selling blue cordons and other cookware. Maybe he is a salesman there and she is lying through her nose.

After all, who goes to London to study cooking? He could have learnt from me. I am a better cook than his mother after all.

Now God has been kinder to me. Unlike Sarita’s son, my daughter is studying to be an engineer, that too in another foreign country – Australia. I know all about making video calls, although this group call thing is new to me. Anyway, why let anyone know that I don’t know something?

Achcha, toh what was I saying? Haan, so this group call happened between me, Sarita and Devina. Turns out that her son was also studying engineering in Australia in some XYZ university.

I said, achcha, XYZ university? My daughter studies in ABC university. She got into XYZ but refused it saying their campus is not as hi-fi as ABC.

Devina turned out to be very smart and said, “Oh really? Well, my son said XYZ has a better engineering programme than ABC. Anyway, he got a scholarship na. He is such a nice boy, completing education without any stress to parents.”

“Well, my daughter doesn’t need a scholarship to go abroad, Devina. She is so smart na, we would have gotten her into any university she would have liked. Anyway, she is a nice girl too. When in school, she was the number 1 student because she was good in everything – sports, music, dance, everything”

“Well, you are lucky then, Gulfiji. Look at my son, I am so worried about him. All day writing codes, programmes, getting patents, copyrights and whatnot? So many companies are after him to work for them, but I said beta, what is the hurry? Let those Microsoft and Apples of the world wait. You finish education without taking so much stress. But you know how kids are these days. He doesn’t listen to me only.”

“Hain? So same story my daughter, She is also doing these things, plus doing charity work for the UN, WHO, ILO etc. I tell her to take rest, but you know she has got a charitable heart, just like me.”

“The other day my son said mumma, I am switching off phone for a while. These NASA people are calling me frequently to fly their rockets. I said this was bound to happen na. You are on phone all day long. Now keep that device away and study for your assignment. By the way, his father got him the latest iPhone.”

“By God’s grace, my daughter never needed phones to do something with her life. She is so good in painting, you know? She recently got invited to paint the Sistine chapel in Europe, but you know how travelling has become difficult because of this Covid?”

Now this went on for a while.

That evening, I called my daughter and told him about this incident. She took a long pause and said, “Mumma, XYZ university is a big deal. You remember how sad I was when I couldn’t get in there? Also, I volunteer at UN, WHO and ILO? When did that happen?”

Uff! This girl, I tell you. She is brilliant like me, but sometimes silly like her father.

We live in a world like this only, I said. Why should I let go of a chance to brag about my child? After all, we are not lesser than Devina and son. He is being chased by NASA, Microsoft, Apples and Oranges of the world, did you know?

She said something about American companies hiring locally but I was not going to put up with this boring chit-chat. I told her firmly, “go back to studying and don’t talk back to me like this. I am your mother after all.”



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