Have some cow sense

A small herd of cows came by for grazing in our colony. Here’s what they talked about:

1st Cow:  “Gosh! There’s hardly any place to walk forget green grass. Roads are again full of those ugly speeding vehicles”, says one to the other fellow cows. 

2nd Cow: “Yup! Be careful we are again at risk of vehicles ramming into us. Gone are the days of lockdown!”

1st Cow: Why can’t we have some roads exclusively for ourselves. 

2nd Cow: Animals aren’t supposed to be on roads. Its dangerous to them as well as humans. 

1st Cow: Yeah, humans cut forests and build roads wherever we are and then they talk of our safety. How empathetic! 

Bull: “No, whatever you may say but at least in India we are sacred, aren’t we? Animals are respected and worshipped here”. 

1st Cow: “Yeah only when it comes to feeding humans with our milk. And by the way we are sacred not you, you are a bull,” the cow quips with a smirk. 

Bull: (Miffed and shocked) I am not? 

2nd Cow: See it depends. For humans it’s a man’s world but when it comes to us it’s a cow’s world not the Bull’s world. In the times of bullock carts it was a bit different though. With carts the status of Bulls went away too. 

Bull: Sad and quiet. 

1st Cow: And hey, do you know what happens to the bulls? 

2nd Cow: We are transgressing into forbidden territories. This is a private bungalow. Come let’s go somewhere else. 

Bull: Frustrated with the dried grass and bored with the intellectual discourse the Bull declares, “I am going to the nearby garbage pile. There is plenty of left-over food there”. 

1st Cow: Not so sure of food but you’d find for sure plenty of polythene and plastic that finds its way everywhere. Even to our stomachs. 

2nd Cow: “Be careful there are also tin cans and broken glass pieces in the garbage that you might not see and ingest. Wish our masters had enough to feed the entire herd”, ruminates the wise cow.   

1st Cow: “Yes, coming back to the point. Can’t huge bungalows like the one we just passed by accommodate us somewhere in the backyard and feed us fodder?” 

2nd Cow: “Well because its one-hell-of-a-job taking care of us as humans say.  Besides the smell and sight of our dung is so nauseating for the civilized humans”. 

1st Cow: “Really! I heard in traditional times dung was used to make houses and had antiseptic properties. Also, that there was a cow in each home back then. 

2nd Cow: Modern society does not keep cows in their homes.  We live in the era of smart cities where cows and buffaloes are constrained to live in factories and milked through machines. You like it or not! 

1st Cow: Modern times and you call that smart. Sure.  By the way don’t humans produce dung?”

2nd Cow: “They do but then they cover it up nicely and channelize it to landfills and dump sites”.  

1st Cow: That I believe humans can do really well. Cover up.  

2nd Cow: “Hey I am worried. Our friend hasn’t returned from the garbage pile”. 

1st Cow: “You are right. I hope he hasn’t ingested some sharp or hazardous object. I still can’t get over the incident of the pregnant elephant who was fed with pineapple filled with crackers in South India”. 

2nd Cow: “Oh that was inhumane. Or rather we should say it was so ‘humane’. Animals have no place in a human’s notion of a developed world. 

1st Cow: There is no place for anyone in human’s notion of a developed world. Not even for their own self! 

2nd Cow: “You are right. Humans have lost their common sense. I hope some cow sense can save them at least. 




Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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