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Take care, keep in touch! is the most common way of saying bye, either virtually or in person. It’s so easy to say keep in touch but very difficult to do so. How does one ‘Keep in touch? By texting frequently, calling up regularly, or meet often? Or by keeping the other person updated on all major stuff?


Most importantly, how much effort do we put to keep in touch? When we expect someone to keep in touch, do we also do the same? Put the same resources like time, money, calls, etc, or just expect the others to do all the hard work? How many times do you think of the other person but feel lazy to pick up your phone and text or call?


Social media has made it easy to keep in touch. Just a flick of the finger and you reach the other person’s profile. One more swipe to said hi, hello or how are you. Yes, as simple as that. But for many, even this is hard work. We would rather spend time commenting on inane things, stating our borrowed facts or showing off rather than reaching out to someone. The former is easy, the latter needs effort.


Reciprocating is the key to keeping in touch. How often do we reply to messages and how genuinely? A hurried ‘yes, I am fine’ or ‘, hope you are doing good’ before a scroll over to the newsfeed doesn’t mean keeping in touch. But yes, that is also acceptable as compared to not replying at all. A blue tick or ‘seen’ message would reveal that we have read the message but not chosen to reply. Let’s not be in such a hurry that we cannot at least type back a reply or an emoticon.


Army men, who marched with the others, were expected to rub shoulders with the others marching with them and thus, ‘keep in touch’, so in this age of easy ways of keeping in touch, let’s rub shoulders at least virtually while assuring others that we are there for them.

And yes, let’s not be that kind of person who doesn’t keep in touch but expects others to do so.





Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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