How content creators foster genuine connections between music artists and audiences to boost awareness and engagement online

Music has always been an essential part of human lives. Though every culture across the world has its own form of music, it unifies all races. In the contemporary world which is majorly influenced by millennials and gen z, there is a constant urge to discover new music. Music labels understand this trend and leveraging it to their interest. They understand that as soon as the audience is “reeled in” they have got a high probability of getting repeated potential listeners.

In the entertainment sector, the music industry has always been one of the early adopters of technical & marketing developments and the key strategy today is influencer marketing. Content creators being super accessible via social media and having high engagement rate are being leveraged in order to maximise visibility.

Fundamental Shift in the Way Music is Consumed

As the time invested by users in consuming content is extremely valuable, the fundamental shift from albums to singles to playlist as a way of consuming music doesn’t come as a surprise. Today, the music industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with the disruption of live shows and explosion of creativity. As a result, digital transformation is not only affecting how music is produced or the usual business model but also the way the music is consumed.

This is why music artists and producers are tapping on influencer marketing to capitalize on this extreme growth market. There are different creators on different platforms and also, the same creator has a presence on multiple platforms. It is true! Influencers have a prominent presence in today’s marketing world and continue to grow in popularity because of higher levels of authenticity and truthfulness. The music industry jargons know their target audience, what brands creators align with, and how creators can bring value to their work through their content.

The Rise of Influencers

Influencers’ success not only comes from their creativity, passion and knowledge about platform management & content creation, they also build a connection with their followers by understanding them. There is a wide range of influencers across different categories that have a special relationship with their followers and share every personal detail. That is why a clip recorded by a content creator with a smartphone can potentially gain more views than a video produced in a studio with a big budget.

It is important to recognise that content creators can sometimes have a bigger influence on the audience than any other marketing strategy because they share unfiltered content from their personal lives that people can relate to.

How Music Labels are Leveraging New Marketing Techniques to Their Advantage?

Any new song good or bad needs visibility to work and today, the easiest & most effective way to gain visibility for any creation is through influencers on social media. Even a Business Insider Intelligence report confirms this – the influencer marketing industry is set to nearly double from $8 billion in 2019 to $15 billion by 2022. Also, influencers don’t essentially promote brands alone; their overarching agenda is to promote a lifestyle. Integrating music into the target audience’s favourite influencers’ lifestyle gives them a sneak peek into the creators’ playlist, something which is extremely inclusive, subjective, private, and eccentric at the same time.

Now, while integrating songs, brands can go two ways. The first way is face promotion where the influencer talks about the song directly. This is good for providing context and letting the audience know what the song stands for. Another way is to do a subtle integration where the influencer plugs in the song in their routine uploads. This is a very effective strategy when the label intends to integrate the song in the daily playlists of the masses.

Summing Up!

Music is extremely personal and by all means, organic. Even commercial soundtracks have a certain background or source of inspiration. Complementing the same, influencers share their personal lives publicly giving detailed context gradually on their past, present and future. Hence, it only makes sense to blend the two.



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