Huawei P Smart 2021

hi guys this is oliingo.com and I’m here
with the Huawei p smart 2021
2021 the first phone with 2021 in its
name that we’re playing with
this device was unveiled recently and it
should be priced between the Huawei p40
and the p40 lite 5g it comes with a
polycarbonate case
which is pretty glossy it comes in black
and green and it measures 9.26
millimeters in thickness
while weighing 206 grams it may appear
heavy but in reality
it’s not that heavy it’s actually pretty
well balanced
the screen you’re seeing here is a 6.67
incher it’s a tft lcd
full hd plus while inside the phone we
should be able to find the
kirin 710a octa-core cpu
cloud clocked at 1.7 gigahertz or even 2
gigahertz for the cortex a73 cores
it runs on emotion ui 10.1 with android
and also has 4 gigs of ram and 120
gigabytes of storage plus
micro sd card slot the selling point for
me is the 5 000 milliamp per hour
obviously and it also comes with two
22.5 watt
supercharge Huawei technology nowhere
in this cutout
we have the uh well 8-megapixel selfie
while if you go to the backside we’re
treated to a quad-camera setup
which has a 48-megapixel main shooter ai
8-megapixel ultra-wide
also 2-megapixel bokeh and 2 megapixel
micro camera
there is also the bottom here we have
the usbc there is the audio jack
and the speaker here and we also have
wi-fi dual-band this Bluetooth 5.1
and for the sake of security uh we also
get on this handset a fingerprint
scanner which is
embedded into the side right here
okay so first impressions the handset
feels a bit slippery but a case may fix
and it also feels pretty light
considering uh the
well weight it has on paper and it also
has GPS
a GPS GLONASS and NFC if you want to
check out the camera interface
you got here the main mode you got your
portrait mode
got your night mode got your aperture
also video and a more section with
features like panorama time-lapse super
slo-mo hdr stickers pro and high-res if
you want to take full
48-megapixel shots okay so this is
pretty much it
it doesn’t have the google play store or
the play services but you can definitely
a lot of apps from the Huawei app
and you also have petal search and you
also have more apps you can install both
you can install Snapchat
tick tock even Fortnite so there should
be no problems with
getting applications this is it so far
we’ll back with the full review pretty
soon the price should be between hoi p40
lite and the p40 lite
5g this is from oliingo.com

Annoncé le 14 octobre 2020, le Huawei P smart 2021 est un modèle entrée de gamme qui est équipé d’un SoC Kirin 710A, épaulé par 4 Go de RAM et 128 Go de stockage, extensible via microSD. A l’arrière se trouve un bloc de

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