It’s a good idea, now open up vaccination for all adults

In a welcome move the Union health ministry has allowed workplaces in both public and private sectors to organise Covid vaccination sessions for their employees from April 11. This means that employees of companies who are 45 years or older can get vaccinated at their workplace. For the purpose, companies that undertake vaccination will have to be tagged with an existing vaccination centre and should have around 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries.

The move will certainly be a shot in the arm for the Covid vaccination drive. After all, a substantial number of targeted beneficiaries work in the organised sector. Therefore, such people might feel more comfortable getting the jab at their workplace rather than go to hospitals with their long wait times to get inoculated. Plus, with Covid cases rising rapidly across the country — more than 1.26 lakh cases were registered in the last 24 hours with 685 deaths — there is an urgent need to vaccinate as many people as we possibly can in the shortest possible time.

In this regard, government should seriously reconsider age restrictions for vaccine beneficiaries and open up vaccination for all adults. After all, India is a young country with a sizeable working age population. And it is young people who are mobile and more likely to be super spreaders. Therefore, it makes little sense to keep young adults out of the vaccination drive. To halt the second Covid wave we need to increase both the pace and spread of vaccination quickly.



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