Kamalamma and the marriage proposal

Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka.

I am thinking, nowadays love stories are starting and finishing on social media. You will ask what is happening now for Kamalamma to say like this. It seems one woman from our Chandigarh is exchanging messages with Prince Harry on Twitter and what is happening? He is asking her to marry him!

Abbabba! How is this possible? Kamalamma is writing letters to so many big people, but nobody is even replying, forget about proposing! Then how some people are so lucky to get marriage proposal through social media, that too from a Prince, with already one wife and two children?

In our time definitely things are not happening like this.

If we are wanting to get married, it is long process. First of all, we are going to studio where photographer is taking our picture with one Mona Lisa smile.

Then parents are distributing this with marriage aunties who are matching our height, weight, stars, planets and all with prospective boys. After this we are progressing to Level 2 in matchmaking game. Boy’s party is fixing one day to come and see girl.

On the Big Day there is full tension. Abbabba … house is becoming like railway station. All relatives are coming and going; some are preparing food items, some are preparing living room, and others are preparing girl for display purposes. They are making us ready like Yakshagana artiste with so much thick kajal in eyes and jasmine garland in hair. Then we have to take sheera and upma for boy’s party who is sitting in living room waiting for show to begin.

Sometimes some people are not telling how many relatives will accompany boy so we are preparing all items in big buckets. Ohoho … if another boy is coming in next 3 days, well and good, otherwise we people are eating all leftover the whole week.

Then one modern uncle is looking at us and saying, if boy and girl want to talk in private, can go to inside room, as if we are high-level diplomats on top-secret arms negotiation. Next what is happening? Abbabba … don’t even ask! In the room, after little coughing and sweating, boy is suddenly asking, you like Chinese and I am thinking, Aiyyo Krishna, what is this, boy is already having one Made in China girl-friend or what? But it seems he is simply asking if I am liking Chinese food.

Then I am quickly saying, yes, yes, my mother is making Chinese dishes better than the Chinese and she is making Gobi Manchuri with kadipatha and vagarne with red chillies, mustard seeds and hing and it is coming out so tasty we are licking our plates also.

Then we are going back outside. Before leaving, boy’s mother is saying to me, my son is liking pijja very much and whether I am also liking. I am opening my big mouth and saying, sorry aunty, I am not having pijja like him but I am having one ajja whom I am liking too much. But it seems again there is communication problem. She is not talking of great-grand-father but about Italian chapathi with cheese and olives and all. Aiyyo Tchah! How I am to know? Maybe alliance is rejected because of Chinese and Italian issues.

Like this and all drama is happening in our time for getting married. But what about girl from Chandigarh who is getting marriage proposal from Prince Harry? Maybe she is thinking he will leave Meghan akka who is anyway giving him tough time and come to Chandigarh with baraat, on horse. Then next Karva Chauth she will go up on terrace in Buckingham palace to look for English moon.

But her story is not going like this Bollywood plot. So she is getting angry and going to court and filing case against Prince and his poor Queen ajji for cheating her. But it seems there is cross-connection issues here and it is not Prince Harry but somebody else acting like him on Twitter! Ohohoho … what to tell you!



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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