Kamalamma and the striped pyjamas

Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka.

What to tell you people? In our house very soon we will celebrate one year of the Mister working from home. Maybe I will make him anniversary cake and write, Oho you are still here, on it.

No no… I am not complaining. Only issue Kamalamma is having with this situation is, when to clean office area in the home? That day there is online meeting going on it seems. How I am to know? I am going behind the Mister’s laptop with broom and mop and Boss is calling wife and saying, see everyone is allowing maid inside the house, only you are not allowing and making me to do all work.

Tchah! That Boss is blind or what? He is thinking Kamalamma is maid, just because I am in nightie with all hair on top of head! Next time I am to clean that area I will put Kanjeevaram sari and mallige flowers in my hair maybe!

But I am thinking, what type of virus this is, which is only going to school and office? Keeping all children at home in front of laptop and husbands in striped pyjamas whole day. But same virus is not going anywhere near restaurants or crowded mall or marriage hall. What to tell you, in our Udupi, one function means full attendance is there… pattu sari, make up, jewellery and all. What about mask? Yebbe… one person is having mask on chin, another’s mask is hanging from ear, one more person is keeping mask on top of head like Rayban goggles and rest all are keeping mask inside bag. Virus is confused and not going to such places maybe.

And now it seems new virus is coming. If somebody is saying they are having virus, we have to ask which virus? China? UK? US?

Maybe there is little hope that made in China virus will go after some time. Like Chinese electric lights which we are putting on verandah for Diwali. First day all bulbs are shining brightly. Next day 5 or 6 bulbs are going phut-phut and on last day of festival all bulbs are gone, only long wire is left. Maybe like this, virus from Wuhan is going phut after some time?

But I am having little doubt about virus from UK. How long it will stay? It is British no! When British are coming to India? 1600… And when they are leaving? 1947… Ababba!

And when they are finally going what they are doing? Packing all our valuable items like throne and sword and taking back to England to show to their Queen amma! And we Indians are having to stand in long queue to buy costly ticket to see our own items in their museum. Tchah!

Okay, if I am to tell the truth like Satya Harishchandra, we are also having habit of bringing back items when we are going on holiday, but only small small items like shampoo and bath towel and sometimes flower vase from hotel room. We are not bringing their Big Ben or Elizabethamma’s crockery and all. But, now that vaccine is coming to our country, we Indians are not having time for other issues. We are full busy trying to find out who is taking vaccine and who is not taking. Our people are too much smart. If you sell them poison in the name of country liquor, half of population will stand in hot sun and fight to buy 2 or 3 bottles, but free vaccine? Everyone is waiting for neighbor to take 1 st dose. Then we are keeping him under careful observation. Even if one day he is not seen on terrace, then we are looking at each other and shaking our heads and saying, oho he took vaccine no?

Anyway vaccine or no vaccine, may our Lord Udupi Krishna keep everyone safe and make this virus to go away so that our men can get out of their striped pyjamas and go to office.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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