Kamalamma, Bill and Melinda Gates

What to tell you? That day early morning, the mister is bringing newspaper from outside and he is shaking his head and making sad noises. I am wondering what for he is acting like this.

Then he is suddenly asking, Kamalamma how many years since our marriage? I am getting a little irritated. That man is remembering how many years he is having the same shirt and pant and the same car even, but he is not remembering how many years for our marriage! Tchah! What to do with such husbands?

I am thinking maybe I will search for our marriage album and give him a History lesson on when we got married, and where and why we got married also! But before that, he is shaking his head a little more and showing me Breaking News about Bill Gates anna and Melinda akka. They are getting divorced, after 27 years of marriage, it seems! Aiyyo paapa! What is happening for them to go for divorce? After so many years that too! They are taking 27 years to find out that they cannot live with each other? Abbabba! The Mister and I are taking only 2 months to find out. As soon as we are coming back from honeymoon, looking at a wet towel on the floor and full toothpaste in the washbasin, we are thinking about how we are to live with each other whole life! Then all old and wise people in our families are advising that all these are minor issues and adjustment will happen slowly.

But maybe there are no old and wise people in the Gates family to give them advice like this. Or maybe all are already divorced and nobody is left to give advice? Who knows real issues! Because I am thinking both the Gates are having such busy lives and so many big mansions as if one wet towel on the floor or toothpaste in the washbasin is a big problem! That too after 27 years!

But anyway, who is bothered about why they are getting divorced? The whole world is only worried about how they are dividing their mansions and sports cars and dogs and all their wealth after divorce! Who is getting what, is million-dollar question for the public! Maybe, 130.4 billion dollar question!

But, what to tell you? Kamalamma is making this prediction long back. Now you people will think maybe I am one astrologer and both are showing me their horoscope before getting married! Tchah … nothing like that! I am telling the mister one year back when this lockdown and stay at home and work from home and all started, that there will be full rush in front of marriage bureaus and divorce courts. Why, because all single people will be bored of seeing their own face whole day and want to get married and all married people will be bored of seeing each other’s faces whole day and want divorce! And see now – same to same is happening. In our country, even with so much danger and covid restrictions, people are getting married in front of nice big crowds without mask and all; and other places, people are getting divorced. Ohohoho!

This virus is causing so many problems in the world, can’t imagine! In our house also, work from home is coming up to nose now. We are not even having big houses with 100 rooms to hide in if we want a little change of scene sometimes. If Virus is not going away soon, only Udupi Lord Krishna knows what will happen in Kamalamma’s house. That day I am writing a grocery list and the Mister is asking if I am making list of our possessions, to decide who will get what! Then I am thinking, oho … this man is also having same to same thoughts like those Gates people or what!

Then I am looking at old armchair in our living room, which I am not liking one bit. Every time I am getting up from it, chair is also getting up with me! Abbabba!

If he wants, maybe I will allow the mister to keep it.

Let us see!



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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