Life is a comedy

The day started sunny and crispy
Birds twittering on the branches of the tree ahead of the house
In severe aloneness; childhood journey to adolescence
The fierce unremitting aloneness: you are in every sense of isolation
The realization that life is so stunning yet short
Makes you feel surprising elation
With aplomb try climbing the mountain top
Never brooding, in fear you can’t douse
With impertinence and refusal to conform
With the uniqueness of wisdom

It was a chilly winter’s night
Evening stars were shining bright
Winter shook the bones and with chattering teeth in unison,
When you celebrate peace, and pleasure, joy and bliss
But cared none
You notice something amiss

Lightning crackled and Thunderstorm boomed
Life is certainly a breath of fresh air
As the heinous madness loomed

With disagreement, hideous, outlandish monstrosity
Imbecility, laughter, power, money, persuasion
Supplication, persecution
Living fervently

Being sad, utterly tired, is common in your gloom
How you cope with a death sentence
With intelligence and adaptability of modern virus
Worrying is disastrous
Does not tell anyone about your adventurous will and acceptance
Inspire us by fighting the messenger of doom

Any life is better than none
Instead of going to your oblivion
Aficionado you turn.
Life itself is only a vision, a dream but very risky

Not indulgence but with will power you struggle to face the malady
Heroes, Victims, Martyrs, Warriors choose your destiny
Pursuing passions is never too late.

Channeling energies and enthusiasms into things that you care
Don’t crush yourself into a boring, troubled existence.
In utter hopelessness glowing hope is born
Doing at least one worthwhile thing during your life—
You leave a trail of your spirit after you are gone.

When the embittered mind is in tatters, despair, and confusion
Hope is lurking in the brain in every cranny.
Rouse up will to do a worthwhile thing shucking negativity
That’s how life should be embraced with passion and positivity
You can delay your end of their divinely ordained duty.

Vitality is life and the punchline is dodge fear embrace positivity
Your unique identity created in the chromosomes

Gollum’s raspy guttural comic tragedy
There’s no ring to extend life from your death chemistry
Don’t hallucinate
On your fate

Not succumbing to gloom and self-pity
With everyday challenges and intimidations, not murdering time
You continue your climb
In deep-reaching isolation
Faced with determination
Without any hallucination
Life becomes a comedy



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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