Mahua Moitra is doing politics over a pandemic

Mahua Moitra recently wrote an article in New York Times whose title was ‘I know what it takes to defeat Narendra Modi’, sadly for her voters who elected her to Lok Sabha she is more worried defeating Narendra Modi than defeating the Pandemic. It would have been very welcome if TMC MP had written an article titled ‘I know what it takes to defeat Covid-19’ but alas such common sense in time of a global pandemic and a national crisis is too much for people in the opposition like Mahua Moitra whose sole attempt is to milk the suffering of the common man during this second wave for their electoral benefit.

It is a pity to see India’s opposition from Mahua Moitra to her leader Mamata Banerjee who is daily only speaking of vaccine shortage instead of doing something concrete on the ground. Her TMC cadres are creating hell for BJP workers but TMC leaders only want to blame the centre for vaccines to lack of oxygen cylinders. Mahua Moitra in her articles takes a potshot at BJP writing in the article, “It took a catastrophic pandemic for even Mr.Modi’s supporters to see they need oxygen cylinder more than they need a Hindu state”. Mahua Moitra must instead of connecting oxygen cylinder and Hindu state which are two absolutely different issues, one is a medical issue the other a cultural-political concept, start distributing oxygen cylinders in her Lok Sabha Constituency.

In the New York Time article Mahua Moitra has continuously written about how the Bengal elections have demonstrated BJP is not invincible, yes Madam MP no party is invincible in a democracy, but so is TMC not invincible, the corruption, the scams, the cut money, the lack of development in West Bengal all this under your government cannot be wiped away. Winning elections does not mean your party TMC and your leader Mamata Banerjee has not supported corruption by TMC cadres, Lalu Yadav had also win a landslide in 1995 in Bihar but went to Jail as CM in 1997 for corruption.

Mahua Moitra writes in the NYT article that, “Culture matters, Mr. Modi and his BJP hoped that they would win by equating Bengali identity with Hindu culture”. Madam Moitra should know Bengali culture is Hindu culture Ramakrishna Paramhansa the most famous Bengali saint prayed to the same Mother Kali that Billion Hindus pray to across India. Yes, there is a difference in culture Mahua moitra and that is in the use of Political violence by your party. In no other state are political opponents killed so mercilessly and in a systematic fashion as by TMC Cadres in west Bengal. In fact, TMC must learn that culture matters, and in no other state after victory is large-scale violence seen. But, alas, truth is not something Mahua Moitra holds in high value as she continues her lies in her articles and Twitter.

She says PM Modi calling Mamata Banerjee’s sister is her words were, “the tone and phrase were ominously close to what a neighborhood catcaller may call out to girls walking past”. This is such a disturbing and pathetic interpretation, sister is a dignified term used in India to address females not directly related to us and when PM Modi is calling Mamata Banerjee’s sister he is not being a catcaller, Mahua Moitra has degenerated the word sister by equating it to catcalling girls. Such fake outrages do not do justice to women and girls who are genuinely outraged by neighborhood goons, but Mahua Moitra has no time for those girls she merely objects to a PM calling CM sister.

Mahua Moitra makes another allegation in the article that, “Mr. Modi prioritized the pursuit of political power above Indian lives”, Madam Moitra in a democracy campaigning is the duty of political parties and Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee did more rallies than PM Modi and Home Minister Shah, but you won’t mention that as it does not suit your agenda.
Mahua Moitra stops doing politics over pandemic and starts serving the people, they need you.




Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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