Making the right choice in difficult times

By Hansa J Yogendra

Whom would you call the wisest; the one who is the happiest, or one who is learned and educated?

Krishn says in the Bhagwad Gita that wise is the one who laments neither about the dead nor about the living, neither about the past nor about the future.

This ancient saying holds true even today. We need to become wise and stop worrying about uncertainties of life. Life is a journey from B to D, which stands for birth to death. Between B and D comes C, which stands for choice. Our choices make our life between birth and death. We must learn to make the right choice, especially in these difficult Covid times.

Our minds are hardwired to make choices. Some choose to see the positive dimensions in everything, while others habitually look only at the negative side. But the negative perception is on rise in the present scenario, where the fear of infection, frustration of lockdowns, insecurity and monetary losses are gripping our minds. The world needs yog now more than ever before. Our priorities must shift to our mental and physical wellbeing. We need to train our minds to see the positives in everything.

There is one exercise that we all can do to develop positivity and the ability to see beauty around.

Before falling asleep at the end of the day, write down on a piece of paper ten positive things that happened to you during the day. It could be anything, from enjoying a snack, cracking a joke and making someone laugh, seeing a beautiful bird, staying calm in a conflict, anything. Just write the positives that you felt that day. You will soon realise that the world is filled with amazing beauties and wonders. Life is in fact beautiful. All complexities of life will break loose and you will start perceiving life in a much simpler way. It is a powerful exercise the world needs today, to change the way we look at present things, especially during the pandemic. A small change in attitude can change the colours of your life to the brighter side.

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali recommends a powerful attitude-based technique named Pratipaksh Bhavna, where you need to consciously think of a positive emotion every time you go through a negative state of mind. When you feel upset, think of events that gave you joy, or do something that you enjoy doing. Instantly do something contrary to your negative feeling. You will soon learn to execute the choice of being in a positive frame of mind.

To repeat, a wise man is not the one who is learned or knowledgeable, he is the one who worries neither about the past nor about the future. Be wise. Epidemics and pandemics come and go. Never allow these factors to define your happiness.

When the summer ends, monsoon will arrive, acknowledge the changing nature of the world. Adapt and be with the flow of uncertainties. Your attitude is in your hand, always choose to be happy, content and in a learning state.

Be like a lotus blooming in the middle of a dirty pond.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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