Marketing driven economy for sustainable development

Marketing is the value driven area and it creates new opportunities for economic growth. The sustainable development falls at the intersection of ecological, social and economic growth. The uncertainty of the future gives rise to possibilities of marketing plans and programs for the development of economy. If the demand in the market is present, the supply is also ensured.

The marketing efforts in the economy has vital role in filling the void in sectors facing the losses. The revival of several businesses is possible by means of creation of value in the chain of the nation and contributes to sustainable development. The value driven initiatives lead to societal, ecological and economic development which is infact the path of sustainability.

During Covid times, the businesses had revived themselves by diversifying themselves into categories like mask and sanitizers. The integration and diversification by businesses lead to right growth in sustainability. The environment friendly products development and employment generation shows the paradigm shift in their functioning.

The economy witnesses the change if the dynamism is adopted in the ecological and social aspects of businesses. Marketing can only mark for the distinction in sustainable growth. This is the only area that contributes to the initiate the broken change with its dynamic capabilities of enhancing creation and experiences.

India and the other countries need to adapt to the shift in ecology, society and economy and the change is the only constant that will be visible and pertinent for the sustainable development in the world.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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