Media Top Startups Summit: March 24th-26th

Life only presents so many opportunities – and this one of them.

If you’re looking to develop your understanding of the global media ecosystem, learn about exciting next generation products and trends, or connect with the best startups and investors in the media space – check out the virtual Top Media Startups Summit. Not only is this an amazing opportunity to learn and network, but it’s also free to attend! So, your wallet will thank you.

Brought to you by MDI Ventures – the corporate venture capital initiative by Telkom Indonesia – the Top Media Startups Summit is bringing together the world’s brightest minds in the media space. The online summit is happening this week from March 24th-26th (you can register for free here). 

The Summit will feature interviews with over 25 of the top media startup founders across all major categories like: music, video, and audio content, content platform & security, social networks, and more. Additionally, the event will showcase interviews and host networking opportunities with a diverse group of media investors like Brand Capital International, Causeway Media, Betaworks Ventures, and more. 

For those looking to connect directly with media startups, the Summit is also hosting a virtual expo for hundreds of media startups around the world! And lastly as a special treat, attendees will also receive a (free) list of the top 700 startups worldwide alongside a 127-page report on the media industry and product trends, courtesy of MDI Ventures’ Kyle Kling.

I’m greatly looking forward to the event myself, especially my bosses’ interview on March 24th. After which, I’ll be hosting office hours as part of the Brand Capital International team if you’re interested in connecting with us. So, register here and feel free to reach out to us. See you this week!



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