Memento mori

In the face of death
Alive with fiery breath,
We live all the more spectacularly
In an attempt to escape the inevitable survive miraculously
Sometimes to embrace it without fear.
In lonesome fear, never sure why you’re here

The nature and process of death
Deities associated with death,
Either because they are death or because they look after death
One of the central concerns
most religious traditions,
philosophical schools,
mythological tales.

Memento Mori -Remember, you shall die,
To be born is to die
To say goodbye
Hence Carpe Diem -Seize the day,
That, granting life today,
Be bonny and blithe, and good and gay.
Heaven or from hell?
And do we know
We are but dust and shadow

Celebrating the life of the departed we also acknowledge our own mortality.
The sufferings of mortality,
Seen in their sad reality,

The awareness and engagement with the process of death
Feel Alive with fiery breath,
The sky around and the earth below.
The hour of death is unknown

We enter into life under pain of death;
Take a deep breath
Death is vital to life.
memento more
On your desk, or the skin of your hands as you hold a book,
We always feel at or behind our shoulder
So is there a moral in this story?

This may not stop us fearing death, or grieving;
Such deep sighs should not be heaving
These are natural human processes
Vague, dark distress
But it does help us see death as part of a larger story
memento mori
And it’s glory

The uniiverse that, despite its apparent phenomenal hurtling towards entropy
like an unstoppable juggernaut,
No matter what
Also rises up into consciousness.
It tells us that at every moment this awakening happens, As matter switches on awareness.
It tells us that we should live both as though
We were going on forever and, at the same time, as though
any moment now we are going to…

Our entry. the world bringing our end
And, just as we are made of ‘stardust’
Every man and every woman is a star”
The unknown and impossibly large number of minuscule parts
And nothing is ever truly created or destroyed

In my life’s twilight
The strange ‘Interzone’

Where I suddenly know that I am already wiped out of existence and forgotten.
Yet, somehow, I am get back
My awareness is like a loop, a binder,
Pulled across an abyss,
Immersed into its final destiny
I am reborn into Time. It is a Miracle to find Mum
It is being raised from the dead and returning to the land of the living.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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