My humble prayer to Lord with 108 names

O’ Aashutosh with your vibrations of damru created  the Big Bang

Creator of the universe, it’s maintenance and sustenance 

Thou instantly fulfil wishes

I beg thou herest my story with patience

O’ Bholenath, the innocent one, O’ Lord easily gratified, 

O’ Bhairav, Destroyer of fear

O’ Bhalanetra with an eye in the forehead, I never shed a tear

O’ Nataraja, King of Dance,

O’ Lokapal, who cares for the world, desiring to please thou beg a chance

Thou art Adiguru, Adinath, Adiyogi

Preacher, Lord and Yogi, the first one

O’ Nityasundara the ever beautiful one

Make my life a healthy one

O’ Aja, the beginningless, unborn says archaeology

My health was affected as an embryo, a little one says medicalogy

O’ Rudra, the roarer is hushed by Bhang

O’ Akshayaguna with limitless qualities

Not tolerating atrocities destroying by annihilation

O’ Anant Drishti with infinite vision, 

O’ Anagha, the faultless one you start another creation

O’ Tejaswani, who spreads illumination

“As the pandemic happened, 

Alleviate the gloom of doom.

Prepare, be aware,

Avoid public places, 

Refrain touching faces, 

Stay clear,

Life is not unfair,

Soon days will be brightened. 

Vaccines are already invented

In jeopardy  may thou stand,

Behind the mask is a pure soul

Her life shall unfold

But by maintaining distance,

Not travelling to any distant land;

Ensuring the safety of the vulnerable, 

In a life suffer able

Thou humans can make it memorable

Being responsible, together us humans stand.” 

O’ Augadh, the one who reveals all the time

Thou knowest the pain of my lifetime

O’ Avyaya Prabhu, Imperishable and sublime

Help me to climb

Life is a vast and big cliff and climbing alone is enjoyable. 

Once you slip at a precarious moment, slide and almost fall off it is unavoidable 

 Doesn’t mean “the end” of your story. Like Watson writing about Sherlock Jumps with Moriarty high  in the waterfalls in a deadlock

Watson writes about the adventure story

Holmes sneaking into the room and adding a question mark

Because it is not the end of the story.

O’ Bhooteshwara with mastery over the elements

O’ Bhudeva, Lord of the earth your appliance drive away ailments

 ” Thou ragamuffin! Thou miserable creature!” 

shrieked Meister quite out of breath terribly over the phone.

Thou were protecting me, testing me so I never thought I was alone

Wheezing like an accordion, panting for breath, coughing up blood

I prayed to thou, my God

 The sinister pathogen had not only invaded the lungs but travelled through

My hacking cough and sneezing achoo

 Lymph nodes lower limbs through the lymph nodes making them throb 

Mucus mixed with blood came out in a glob

like the sound of a damru beat,

As I was sitting in my seat

O’ Vishwanath, Master of the Universe

Thou Suck out those menacing pathogen like Halahala

Tears of joy came out as I felt gala

O’Vedakarta, Originator of the Vedas you make the annoying brain tumours fade magically 

O’ Vishalaksha – Wide-eyed Lord, few people destroying the ecology

O’ Bhutapala, Protector of the disembodied beings you magically 

Rid the creation  of Maya, or illusion and  ignorance

O’ Dayalu, the compassionate one, with your help we gain experience

O’ Chandrapal, Chandraprakash the master of the moon with moon as a crest 

The downhearted, crestfallen needs to be blessed

O’ Devadi Deva – The god of gods, bring out our best

A dream of hopes of the pure mind


Concentrating on the problems and difficulties

The apt solution thou wilt find 

Absent-mindedness will make thou subject of cruelties

O’ Dhanadeepa, Lord of wealth bring equity so the poor get a meal 

Money can buy medication and life and you heal those with a zeal           

 O’ Shrutiprakasha, one who has a trident Punish those who cheat and steal

O’ Dhyutidhara, Lord of brilliance teach ” Help thy neighbour gift love”

Even though your neighbour don’t say life is rough

” With Generosity, thy fortune, health, money 

Shall increase, Thou wilt not get inferior,

 by doing thy deeds thou shalt be acclaimed for”

O’ Dnyandeep, The light of meditation, A simple act of care can brighten a life

Because hope and help are alike, even if it’s not asked for

With fierce, fearless mind climbing uphill to explore

Mother thought as I get troubled in body and mind

My hand slipped

But gave her a dazzling smile

Tarry awhile 

The mother becomes a fierce Goddess

Climbing in her old age regardless

“Look around you, don’t be blind”

She has a perfect handle on the situation

Says,take control, show your strength and comprehension

She said with angelic resignation

 O’ Palanhaar thou protect all

 Protecting all my honoured mother needs protection from the agony

I pray to look after her terribly painful knee

 O’ Durjaneeya – Difficult to be known, so is the mind of a sufferer for

A person with experience facing struggles to survive nefarious malady

O’ Durjaya – The unvanquished

With distress and pain, we travel to unimaginable lands, heroes, victims, martyrs, warriors remain unstoppable,  remain vanquished

O’ Nrityapriya, Lover of dance,

O’ Parameshwara, First among all gods

 I am your creation

Who hate stagnation

I don’t complain, my decision is without Vasuki’s help to move Mandar 

O’ Digambara – The one who wears the sky as his raiment

O’ Gangadhara, Lord of river Ganga I have no whining or mournful complaint

Let those obsessed with money and power 

Realisation dawn 

Life isn’t orange marmalade 

O’Jagadisha, Master of the Universe tell them the life is a rose flower

Blooms in your shade

Who don’t  know the idea and conception

From cradle to grave deluded by self-deception

O’ Mahakala, lord of time for most life and lust are indistinguishable.

 Everyone has a hobby, that of collecting money, hollowness, not reliable

Money and ‘Power’ are the root causes in every act of a felony

Attracted to grandeur with abilities very petty

Afterlife is not Disneyland, will gluttons be able to use their wealth?

O’ Mahadeva my Greatest God, my ishtadevata grant me good health

So that I enjoy my remaining days

Not in a haze 

And ensure that I get silver hairs, happiness, miracle, gaiety of aura

O’ Girijapati,Consort of Girija like Devi Durga I have decided to fight Asuras

O’ Trilokpati,Master of all the three worlds my rage prepares “fight or flight”

O’ Mahabuddhi, Extreme intelligence with your motivation I wrote

 Adventures of Mum and Princess also Midnight 

O’ Gunagrahin, Acceptor of gunas ratify my level of ability, skills, talents

O’Gurudeva,The great Guru, O’ Hara – Remover of sins peel off the tentacles

Of sins, forgive my sins, offences of my past life

Ending my strife

O’ Jaradhishamana,Redeemer from afflictions end sufferings or end life loftily

Put me in a place where there is mountains of books trees bearing dark chocolates and flowing brook of coffee

O’ Jatin, Kailashadhipati, Kailashnath the mother whose offspring is suffering

Accept her offering

O’ Kamalakshana – Lotus-eyed lord

O’ Kantha, Ever-radiant

O’ Kapalin – One who wears a necklace of skulls

O’ Kedarnath – Lord of Kedar I pray, listen to my mother’s prayers

In the puja chamber

  She weeps, which wrings my heart

She deserves more respect than she ever got

O’ Priyabhakta – Favorite of the devotees

O’ Priyadarshana – Of loving vision

O’ Pushkara – One who gives nourishment

Thou bringest life to fulfillment

O’ Kochadaiyaan, The lord with long dreadlocks

In hushed bleb not being an idler forged straight ahead, plunged with inertia, in the great emptiness, 

working kinks out, being combative and lifting mountains

Leaping the impasse.

Comes stalemate if a life form gives up negates hope.

Hope stands tiptoe kissing sky

I want to fly

O’ Kundalin, One who wears earrings

O’ Pashupati Lord of all living beings

O’ Lalataksha – One who has an eye in the forehead

O’ Lingadhyaksha – Lord of the linga

O’Lokankara – Creator of the three worlds, 

We live in unimaginable realm

Where calmness rules and not overwhelm

Where ruthlessness rules, my mother’s softness, aching heart as she wails

O’ Mahamaya,Creator of great illusions, my mind reels

O’ Mahamrityunjaya – Great victor of death confused and perilous it feels

O’Mahanidhi,Great storehouse ,O’Mahashaktimaya,  with boundless energies

We thrive as spirit flyes and joy gleams in eyes after a successful battle

 O’ Veerabhadra ,Supreme Lord of the Nether World, gloomy spirits settle 

O’ Umapati, Consort of Uma, but we are ousted, evicted dispossessed

 O’ Mahayogi, Greatest yogi we assuage ourselves in a hollow success

O’ Mahesha – Supreme lord, O’Maheshwara, Lord of Gods where is

 Land happiness?

O’Nagabhushana, with serpents as ornaments we  trudged uncharted territory

O’ Shambho,The auspicious one,O’ Swayambhu, Self-created

 I am self-didact, your devotee, naturally, efficiently, critically

O’Shankara Lord of All Gods

Fulfilled with little offering and water poured, Lord of Trinity 

O’ Shoolin, Giver of Joy, gaiety instilled in when in despair and utter hopelessness

 O’ Panchatsaran the Vigorous one I have Wisdom to choose correctly

O’ Pinakin , with  bow in his hand my life isn’t purposeless, meaningless

O’ Paramjyoti Greatest splendor, I have a mind and courage to face death

              O’ Omkara solemnly, reverently, dexterously I climb the hill with strength

O’ Vishveshwara,Lord of the Universe, O’Vishwanath, Master of the Universe

 O’ Vrishavahana,One who has the bull as his vehicle with calmness intense

O’ Trilochana,Three-eyed Lord

O’ Trilokpati,Master of all the three worlds

O’Tripurari,Destroyer of the Tripur

O’ Trishoolin,One who has a trident in his hands

Fearful fight I have waged with life and death

O’ Shantah,Preceptor of Skanda

O’ Skandaguru,Illuminator of the vedas

O’ Sukhada,The giver of Joy

Jumping with joy, hoping for the elixir 

Thou art deus ex machina my fixer

O’ Vajrahasta,One who has a thunderbolt in his hands

All night even after waking  up in the morning,  awful aching head

O’ Trilokpati,Master of all the three worlds

O’ Nilakantha, The Blue-throated one

O the blues! Weary blues!

                                        O’ Ravilochana,Having Sun as the eye

 The strength of will!

O’ Shreshtha,Lord of the Moon

O’ Shrikantha,Always Pure

Pure heart makes enjoying a life of thrill!

O’ Sadashiva, The Transcended one

Being almost bedridden is no perdition

O’Vachaspati, Lord of Speech put words into my mouth when my tongue can’t go into motion 

O’ Sanatana,The Eternal God

O’ Sarveshwara,Lord of All

Aware that someday will soon come when I shall draw no breath 

I fight with fate never screaming in annoyance

O’ Varada, Granter of Boons

Grant my wish, I will get the same mother with flamboyance



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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