Of Begums n boyfriends..

“Look at her, darling. Not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle on her dress…lots on her face, though!”. “ Seriously, she looks much older than 49. That caring n pacifying those step kids…aah.. Why would a tough- fighter CEO do that.

When they don’t appreciate what she is doing for them, anyways?” “ What a wonderful husband. Who helps her dry her hair n consoles her, when she is caught red handed in her affair! Gosh, he is too good to be v real!” “ That boyfriend is a bore, but maybe he is good in who know where…but do you honestly think his wife released the video?” “ Can’t be too sure, that would have brought the wayward hubby home or at least to his knees!”

“The IIM guy, gosh so cute! Can’t believe that she ill- treats him, even after he accepts that she can’t bear a child, takes care of her, arranges surprise for her…what’s wrong with her, she falls for that firang…. Who could cheat on such a ravishing hubby” “ oh, yeah, he is too good to be real..I thought they would bring out some skeletons from his but apparently, good men do exist”

“Small town girls, yaar. They need sugar daddys to survive, see the teller became CEO. So this girl had chances, screwed it up, But what a boy friend!! Taking care of her when she is drunk, giving her a head massage..N this stupid girl can’t get hitched to him n settle down!”

Guys are good, understanding n wonderful. Except a few of course, what can men do if women lead them on, men will be men, hain na..women are manipulative, ruthless n have affairs…

Which universe is this…go watch in Netflix!



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