Open Covid vaccination for all adults immediately

With the second wave of Covid hitting the country hard, it is time to muster all available resources. It should be clear by now that the only two effective weapons at our disposal to fight the disease are masks and vaccines.

Unfortunately, masking has been very lax among the public with pandemic fatigue setting in. This is precisely the reason daily cases have shot up to more than 1 lakh. Even more worryingly, there has been an identical percentage rise in daily Covid deaths which have now been upwards of 400 for the last six days.

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The only way out is to quickly boost the pace of vaccination. So far the country has just about vaccinated 5% of its population, that too with mostly the first dose of the vaccine. Thus, we are nowhere close to herd immunity through vaccination. Therefore, it is time that the Centre takes Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s suggestion and opens vaccination for all adults. It is only by inoculating the working age population that we can reduce the Covid spread.

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Last word, lockdowns are hugely crippling for the economy and night curfews — as announced by Delhi government today — don’t really impede the spread of Covid. Masks and vaccination do. So let’s get cracking.



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