Overcome challenges with a strong will

By Anup Taneja

At a time when the pandemic is wreaking havoc in our lives, there is an urgent need to approach the situation with a strong will and determination. One can draw inspiration from the following quote by Samuel Smiles: “It is not ease but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes men. There is, perhaps, no station in life in which difficulties have not to be encountered and overcome before any decided measure of success can be achieved. Those difficulties are, however, our best instructors, as our mistakes often form our best experience.”

There is no denying that the road to success is an arduous one, beset with all sorts of difficulties, but at the same time, it gives you an opportunity to apply your hidden energies and bring out the best in you with all your strength and reach the summit. Through experience you soon learn how obstacles are to be overcome by grappling with them. Before the determination of a strong man, difficulties often flee by themselves.

If you are making constant effort to overcome the difficult situation with a positive attitude and are determined to find a way out, the world will come to your help. You will find the whole world change for you when you change your attitude towards it. What looked like insurmountable obstacles, like some huge mountain chain in your way, will be found to be easy to cross when approached with a firmness of purpose.

Majority of us do have the ability and inclination to rise out of mediocrity and to do something concrete in challenging situations, but we never do so because we lack the courage, stamina and confidence to remove the shackles and difficulties that bind us, and to repose trust in our abilities to get into a situation where we can achieve what we desire.

In many cases, the fear of failure holds us back and inhibits us from pushing forward. We wait and wait, in the hope that some mysterious power will liberate us and give us confidence and hope.

If you ask the men and women who have successfully come out of challenging situations to what they owe their success, they will tell you that these are the fruits of the struggle to break the bonds that enslaved them, to overcome the obstacles that handicapped them.

The first step to attaining great heights in life is the resolution to rise above the adversities at any cost. It often takes a great deal of suffering, of struggling with obstacles and misfortunes, before the true strength of one’s character comes to the fore.

Success will never open her doors to those who are lethargic, unwilling to strive hard and sacrifice their comforts. Orison Marden rightly says, “The diamond could never reveal its depths of brilliancy and beauty, but for the function of the stone which grinds its facets, polishes it, and lets it light which discloses its hidden wealth. This is the price of its liberation from darkness.”

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