Pakistan protects its terror outfits

Recently Hafiz Saeed’s home in Pakistan had a car bomb explode near his residence. The police statement which I happened to see on Pakistan TV was that luckily due to the Pakistani police and their presence as well as their efforts on not allowing any car to be parked near his home, not much damage was done and none of his family members or his colleagues who had homes next to him were damaged.

Neighbours said that although he was in jail he did get permission to visit his home and they were not sure if this coincided with the attack.

All this goes to show that Pakistan still protects its terrorists. Their so called jail sentence is just a way to get out of the FATF and fool the world institutions. For all we know his jail could be a safe house or a very comfortable environment where he like other terrorists before him get conjugal visits.

What is amazing to me is that despite the fact that Pakistan is considered a terror state and men like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar the head of Jaish e Mohammed are ostensibly in jail after years of walking free —for all intents and purposes this is merely another instance of Pakistan trying to fool the world.

Their organisations under different names still get funding. In a DW documentary released recently Gen Musharraf clearly says they are not terrorists but assets to the state. Such assets have been and are still protected by the state.

What is even more worrying is that the terror outfits have been helping the Taliban and still do. Pakistan still thinks of the Haqqani network as it’s asset. The Taliban chiefs have been based in Pakistan and very openly fly to Qatar for deliberations on Afghanistan. The Quetta shura of the Taliban is based in Pakistan as was Osama bin laden who the current Prime Minister Of Pakistan calls Shahid or Martyr. This is the highest form of death fighting the infidels in Islam. Thus, what the world views as terrorists with huge bounties on their heads, whether from the United Nations or the US, are actually protected people in Pakistan.

Why the FATF does not take this into consideration in putting Pakistan on the Black List is quite a mystery. It is not as if the world does not know that Hafeez Saeed’s establishment along with the Pakistani ISI was involved in the Mumbai attacks. The US has David Headley in prison and as far as his links with the ISI, the Lakshar e Toiba , and the Taliban are concerned it is pretty much established. Yet Pakistan protects such people as they consider them their proxies in spreading terror attacks around the world.

Almost every Islamist terrorists in the world has had some training in Pakistan, whether it was the Bali Bombings, the Mumbai Attacks or even 9/11, there were always connections with handlers or teachers of terror based in Pakistan.

Yet the world keeps giving Pakistan a free pass. It is rumoured that Pakistan is in cahoots with China on biological weapons, and that China has set up a high level lab in Pakistan. But even though we have the CIA, several such foreign agencies who have the wherewithal to stop such endeavours, it seems they wait for the worst to happen as in the case of 9/11 or 26/11 in India. The DW documentary clearly shows how both the FBI and the CIA knew from the wives of David Headley no less, that he was going to Pakistan very often and was helping to plan something big but none of them thought to delve into it further.

The wives’ very detailed complaints were simply ignored. India was not told and we had the worst attack on our soil that killed more than 160 people and injured and maimed countless others.

Thus two decades have passed and still the killers and masterminds roam free. Pakistan has been given a free pass even by the FATF, as being on a grey list is hardly justice for a country that has spread terror around the world and is one with the most radicalised and extremist point of view. And whose leaders think Osama Bin Laden was a patriot and consider him a martyr.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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