Reframing can metamorphose our behaviour dramatically

Anjali Sharma

It’s a complete dichotomy to ideate a professor dancing like a peacock in rain and laughing her head off with her squad, for Dr. Anjali Sharma, teaching at Bharati Vidyapeet

My childhood version of the sunset – somewhere high up in the sky there’s a sea, the sun’s home. Like a king it rises to spread its golden glow and stimulates every form of life on the planet but as the doors of the twilight open, its yellow gleam peters out and it sinks back into the sea, making way for the queen like starry night.

Science calls it as rotation of the earth on its axis but my version of the sunset still remains philosophical and inspired by ‘reframing’ – giving a new meaning to tough circumstances and turning them into something affirmative.

The sunset can be perceived differently depending upon the context in which we use the words. One way of inferring this is – when the sun goes down, its glory also fades, making the forces of darkness more powerful. Another interpretation for the same – no matter how many times the sun goes down, it trounces the darkness and rises again.

Whenever I feel stuck, I close my eyes and think of what my dad would have done in that situation and most of the times I find a new way to handle it. We create our own version of reality through our perspective. An event has a meaning based upon the context in which it appears to us and how we decipher it.

Reframing can metamorphose our behaviour dramatically. It is done by either redefining the situation in a way that has a positive value or altering the words and give a new meaning to something that appears miserable. Accordingly, we call these behaviours as context reframing and content reframing.

This strategy of spinning the perception and redefining circumstances makes us defter. Every time a child plays with toy blocks he creates something novel it is because he looks at the same toy blocks from a different frame or perspective.

Look at your troubles from a new window; you might not count them as troubles anymore!



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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