Salute to my mother

Life is a Wonderful illuminated journey
Where Every hour is a precious boon
Every breath is a mercy
Life is just a river
Nothing will last forever
I’ve woken up to chase my dreams
With a flaw in my genes

Well, now how time passed enduring every now and then it seems
In the traumatic permanent pain in grief and poverty

Living without equality
But I never woke up with screams
Life is very scientific like a series of dreams
You can see stars that gleams
Life changed by one surgery following the other
I faced few in the twilight zone living on the edge, I never bother

Salute to my mother

Weaving dreams propelled my desire to live
She’s the holy God philosopher
Heaven’s harbinger
May she be with me forever
Leave the world together
Helps heal my growing tumor
With laughter and humor.
Even the stubborn ones disappear
Sitting she pondered

What an interesting and complex case I might be
Well, I am a medical curiosity.
Life is a gift, a challenge to be met with courage

Not sad eyes discouraged
As Mum yells cheerful encouragement
Life with a fairy tale

O my weary struggle! silent dubious, fearful

And hopes are strong and will prevail.
Life is an adventure not for fear and the weak

As my mother speaks
Every sorrow misfortune I dare it
Overcome it
Whenever I hear any turbulence
If I lose my balance

Mum supports me now and forevermore because I belong to her



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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