Six ideas to enjoy your golden years

By Hasmukh Adhia

There are very few who look forward to retirement. But the fact is that retirement period is the golden period of a person’s life. When we are young, we have to face tough competition in studies and work hard to achieve our goals. After getting a job, we have to work night and day to make a name in our career. Also, we have the responsibility of raising a family. There is hardly any respite from the time we turn 10 till the time of retirement. Relief comes only then. Should we then let go of this opportunity to enjoy life and fulfil some of our dreams and passions?

Here are a few ideas for living a retired life. First, money beyond a point has little utility. Continuing full-time work beyond retirement is not going to add pleasure. Of course, one must have enough financial security to lead a decent life post retirement. Also any position or fame cannot be a long-term companion. The earlier one realises this, the better.

Second, the greatest happiness comes out of freedom, not by being bound by rules of employer-organisation, or by our own greed. The freedom to do anything that you want to do is special only to the retired people. Retirement is a shift from ‘have to do this’ to ‘can do this also’.

Travelling to another city to meet relatives or friends and staying with them, seeing the places not seen before, pursuing hobbies like sports, music, performing art, watching classical movies, reading books, writing, undertaking social service or spiritual studies are all options available for a senior citizen.

Third, during our active work life we tend to neglect our body. Once retired, the first thing to do is detoxify our body and start maintaining it well with exercise, yog and pranayama. Also, because of work pressure we are conditioned to think in terms of targets and getting things done fast, and as a result acquire negative habits of anger and intolerance. Now is the time to break these patterns.

Fourth, maximum happiness during retired life comes from the company of a few good friends. Friends never let us become old. This should be the topmost factor in our decision about the choice of city to live in. If possible, stay in a small, fully furnished, rented apartment so as to retain the freedom to change cities without any hassles.

Fifth, the entire world is a beautiful creation of God. If you haven’t found time to see it so far, do it now. Make a bucket list of places you want to see. Go around the world. Feel the bliss of each place which is unique. Experience the hand of God behind the creation.

Finally, keep in touch with our spiritual knowledge base. What is this world, who is God, who am i, are some of the questions which are addressed very well by our ancient spiritual texts. We can try to understand this wisdom and imbibe it, so that we can die with an enlightened mind and take rebirth in a new body, where, as scriptures say, our evolved mind of this birth is carried forward.

The writer is former finance secretary, GoI



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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