Spring Goddess

Winter had died peacefully in its sleep

Again spring came with cheery heat

Returning made the year complete

As nature spring to life

I start my endless strife.

From mind wisdom and judgment spring

Healing specialist ready for holy service to see my life improving

To ward off the swimming bubbles

To put me out of troubles

Those with a heart help and save

Help all beings strong and brave

With power, passion, allure, charm

I dedicate my suffering to Goddess in my emotional prayer

To aid the war, suffering, more than all!!!

It has been a very very long haul

Goddess spake, ” I am with you always there

To protect against any beast,

With dignity, with care in one form or other,

I protect thou my child for seasons, nights,

Days, year’s, months, and hours

I stand with you in every fight

I tend to your utterances with loving care,

But your thou glorious one, protect thy mother from neglect

She deserves a lot of respect

Obedience, love, and honor shall pay

Her antique hair has turned grey

Yet virtue, magnanimity, heroism she portray

For thine aged mother feel thy bliss, joy, and pain

She weeps floods of tears not just because Father was slain

Her pain sorrow and woes

Will not just go with the demolition of demon foes

She basks in your glory bright

That’s her might in your blight

When you like a warrior grasp your bow

Her bosom with warmth, and affection glow

Her tears turned into a jewel

Will pierce your head to kill the swimming bubbles so cruel

Sting them and traveling and gaining the power to make them vamoose

Clinging against the lumps into a point deep into the head try, deduce

Your grief and pain will be dead

Into the ground will they spread

The demon fiend in his guise

To discern the evil-bred’s advice

He was not skilled

Your Father with the counsel he gave

Who lent his gracious ear and in joy he sway and got killed

Autumn as a soft-spoken executrix was locking life up safely

Spring came to claim it gamely

It’s time his spirits to rise

To rule the castle under the skies

From naive fear and age and sickness freed,

Through the three worlds with wings he shall speed.

He has developed warlike skill

He will claim that demon to pay

And he has attention to thy illness with sweet words still

His high thoughts and message I bear

Lend me your ear

His cares of worldly cares he still recalls

His deepest soul still enthralls

By The adventures of Mum and Princess

From the world he is expelled

Better than any soul, yet not really dead

He is in a realm where he has will to take away your distress

With these words Spring Goddess does slowly fade away and ceased.

I got up from my sleep and saw a blue streak slowly decreased.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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