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Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi represents the uninhibited, strong willed, personally and professionally successful modern Indian woman who has donned many hats. Her prolific career spans the worl

In these times of crisis and confusion the two most sought after words are immunity and positivity. Health and Wellness must be seen holistically and beyond just the physical. The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our lives are all delicately intertwined. They are each interdependent on the full functioning of each other and if any of these are out of sync there is a natural state of dis-ease that sets in to our lives, our health and our daily functioning. Never before has the need for positivity been more important. There are multitudes overwhelmed by a lack of purpose, the weight of stress & financial loss, and an escalating fear for their own lives, as well as the lives of those they love. How on earth can you stay positive in such times, and most importantly, how do you even begin to think positive, act positive or spread any form of positivity under all these circumstances? The answer is simple. It all starts with intent. If you intend to be positive and to start a chain of positivity there are many, many ways you can do so as long as the commitment to following simple processes is a decision you arrive at. Positivity is a combination of knowledge, belief, gratitude, and surrender. The first step is gratitude. Write 10 things every day that you are grateful for in your life. It could be a good meal, a great friend, a parent, your kids, a kind word, or even a book you read that in some way took you to a better place. Once you start focusing on what’s right vs the constant attention and time given to what’s wrong things start to change. It is said that where attention goes, energy flows. We all have over 30 trillion cells in our bodies each vibrating with a certain voltage. Every human being has over 70 trillion volts of electricity in their body. To awaken this energy, to transform this energy into positive intent or healing is all up to you. Once you understand that circumstances may not in your control, but that your reaction to them shapes the outcome, you will automatically begin to feel more in control of your handling of things. When you study meta-sciences, you realise that what you vibrate is what you attract, hence to stop the cycle of fear and helplessness you need to start resonating differently. Your confidence levels are fundamentally important to your state of mind, which in turn shapes your emotions, which in turn either amplifies positivity and healing in your own body, or negativity and disease. You choose your path. Every emotion carries energy, every thought carries energy, every intent you set carries energy. In culmination, just surrender to what is in the greatest good for all concerned. Surrender to a universe that sees a bigger picture, surrender to positivity and faith rather than to negativity and distrust. Everything happens for a reason, and if any way, things turn for the better it will be the result of collective positive consciousness. It starts with you. It starts now.

1. I met my current boyfriend on Tinder about five months ago. We got very serious very soon and now I can’t imagine life without him. We are not much into keeping touch through texts on social media, preferring conversations on call to anything else.  With the lockdown and uncertainty owing to coronavirus, I am very apprehensive about how the relationship will sustain itself. Do I jump the gun and break up with him or do I wait it out? I don’t want to get hurt. Please advise.

Will you be less hurt if you break up with him, rather than him break up with you? Would you be more hurt if a good relationship ends abruptly or if a relationship runs it natural course and ends gracefully? Your answers to my questions are the answers to your questions.

2. My best friend, who is also my childhood friend, is studying in the same college. She was good at studies. For the past seven months she was in a relationship.  She started to chat with him daily till late night and was always thinking about him. She placed a great confidence on him and it went on for quite a while. After a few months she lost her concentration in studies and became very low, but her parents have a big dream about her career. So please give some suggestions as to how can I change her attitude and steer her towards the right direction  in her life?

Raise her self-worth and self-value by routinely telling her how amazing she is. Remind her constantly of how you loved the jokes she cracked, the fabulous marks she got that made everyone green with envy and that the quality of her life ahead depends on how she plays her cards. Affirm that everyone loves a winner and she is made designed for admiration, not pity. Say all this in a no pressure manner. Just gentle, happy, positive chatter constantly in her ears. Make her exercise, do things she loves, and introduce her to a bunch of new people who can give her energy and sense of purpose a boost. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and positive kindness to get you going and thinking differently.

3. At the time of writing this mail I am feeling very shy, but I wanna say that I have a crush on a cute girl. I want to accept her not as a girlfriend but as a life-long friend. I like her every movement, like the way of talking with others, way of behaviour, sense of humour and one of the best things that attracted me was that she is straight forward. After all this I think, I’ll be able to spend my whole life with happiness. Once I had said to her,  “I like you more than anybody else does” but she didn’t reply to my WhatsApp. So I have little confusion about whether she likes me or not. Should I continue trying to be with her? Does dark skin (my colour) matter?

It’s odd, you have a crush on her but don’t want her as a girlfriend? If you would prefer her as a life-long friend just make it known to her that perhaps your message gave her the wrong impression and that you think she rocks and you look forward to developing a healthy friendship with her. Most importantly, why would skin colour ever affect a friendship or even a relationship for that matter. If those are the criteria, then better out of it than in.



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