Taliban Khan has lived up to his name

Imran Khan wanted to have a Medina-like Pakistan, which he called Naya Pakistan. If I was his advisor, I would have told him that to create a 7 th Century city in the 21 st Century for all its glory would be a bad idea. But unfortunately, this play boy Prince who turned into the Prime Minister of Pakistan has now brought the country on the brink of extremist elements who he supported whole heartedly while he was out of power.

I can say with conviction that Pakistan today is the most extremist state compared to all Muslim run nations in the world. I have seen many documentaries of terrorism in Europe and it was astonishing to see that almost all of the terrorists in Europe had gone to Pakistan for their indoctrination and even their training.

I had hoped that Imran Khan who has been married three times and was educated abroad would actually bring about a change but with his making a deal with the Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP), a very extremist group that were actually able to form a party in the last elections and get over 2 million votes, is along with other Islamic parties going to dictate the terms of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The TLP has been demanding that Pakistan has to expel the French Ambassador and France must have no economic dealings with Pakistan. France has already recalled all its citizens from Pakistan and it being sanctioned from Pakistan will definitely hurt Pakistan more than France.

From all the that one has heard and read from Pakistan, I feel extremists in Pakistan have the upper hand and it is spiraling into a scary abyss where there will be no turning back. Imran Khan after first declaring it would ban the TLP as a party and jailing some of its members is now backtracking and saying it will be a parliament decision. But from I saw and heard from their debates in parliament today, it seems very likely that in a state where Blasphemy Laws are so strict and even innocent people can get lynched or spend years in jail, no party or person can get away with even debating the issue.

Thus, there is a scenario created by the Pakistani establishment, whether political or the Army where several million young people were trained to first fight the Russians and then the Americans. The youth died but the establishment made a lot of money in dollars and business in Pakistan and abroad. The Pakistan Army establishment is worth some say more than 20 billion dollars, this in a country that has to literally beg, borrow and steal from its friends.

To appease the extremist elements, Imran Khan actually gave a speech to say that he would lead the Muslim nations to speak at all international forums against Islamophobia and to urge all western countries to adopt a law that would in affect not allow free speech against criticism of the Prophet. He has said this already in at the UN General Assembly and it made no difference nor his appeals against Kashmir, which is a part of India.

Imran Khan gave 30 million rupees to a university in his district in KPK, where they trained Taliban fighters, no wonder the world over he is called Taliban Khan. Now Pakistan, which has under Taliban Khan got the highest rate of inflation as well as debt and Covid 19, is sinking under the worst governance of all times and yet he is willing to lecture the West on Islamophobia and rally against France but will not say one word against the Chinese treatment of Uighur Muslims.

If this is not hypocrisy, I wonder what is? Why does he think he can get way from this? Pakistan under Imran, seems to be going to a point of no return. India and the rest of the world should be worried as extremists melt through borders and can create mayhem in every country of the world. While Biden is looking at leaving Afghanistan, I do wish he would see what is happening in Pakistan and give a thought to the fact that Pakistan has nukes and it has never had a problem of selling it or the technology to other rogue countries.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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