The China Virus was from a lab and the variants are part of it

China is very upset as recently many investigative journalists as well as well known scientists have given detailed interviews on how the virus that they feel escaped from the lab in Wuhan was not just a SARS virus but was a virus that they added gain of function too, and when it escaped from Wuhan, and China knew to had escaped, it closed down Wuhan to the rest of its own country but allowed International flights with virus infected passages to spread it worldwide.

This in short is the scenario which is accepted by the world. Till now China tried to hide the fact that they were working on a biological weapon and that it had spread from animals to humans in a wet market. The trouble with China’s theory is if it was so cut and dried why not let world scientists in? Were they busy scrubbing their labs and the wet markets? It seems so as not even the WHO who supported China’s line was allowed to go in for a year.

Now China thinks it has a free pass as since the virus came out and spread around the world and sickened millions, killed millions, destroying economies and jobs, the WHO along with scientists came out with the South African variant, the UK variant and now the Indian variant. Weirdly, there is no China variant, the place that gave the world a deadly virus.

Why not? Why can’t we name it the Wuhan or China virus that struck people worldwide. The virus morphed much later as viruses do in countries. But the original was a China virus not a UK or Indian variant.

I find it appalling that apart from some media, the rest is either too embolden to China or scared of its Wolf Warrior diplomacy to call out China. Just as well the media in India and Australia at least, are not following the western mainstream media policy.

As more comes out to prove that the coronavirus was man made to become deadlier by gain of function, by a lab in Wuhan and more whistle blowers come out along with scientists, China will have to contend with worldwide lawsuits.

It will be difficult to bring China to an international court of law as it does not recognise it but that will be of little consequence as China has companies and assets all over the world and once any court in any country has enough evidence, which they have enough of even now, they would merely have to attach China’s assets in the country where the lawsuits win against China.

China must be made to pay. I know there is much greed both in Wall Street and businesses which still want to work in China but if  sanctions are put on China for its complete disregard for the rule of law and its criminal liability of deliberating infecting the world while shutting down Wuhan domestically, to its own cities, than world powers have a criminal case to pursue China. 

Memories are short and China is cleverly with the help of its own and world media trying to deflect the blame by talking about variants starting in countries abroad.

But none of this would have occurred if the China virus had been contained in China as it could very easily have been, if China had not lied and cheated and pretended for the longest time ever that it was a people to people virus and could spread fast. They denied this and the world has been in lockdown ever since.

We need to boycott China. We must make China pay. We must also make it increasingly difficult for there to be ‘Business As Usual,’ with China. If China is not reigned in the next big attack could be electronic weapons, cyber as well as biological. Can we really wait for that to happen?



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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